Here Comes the Sun


This one was requested by Jack Cooperman, who, like The Beatles, is legendary. Well, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter self-quarantined here at Motley Manor and it’s about time the sun is finally shining upon us from above.


“Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right. Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.” (“Here Comes The Sun” – The Beatles – From their classic 1969 album “Abby Road”)


It’s been a long, cold, lonely time since the Beatles performed in public. I never got to see them, but I haven’t given up hope…well, there’s still Paul and Ringo. The Missus informs me that she saw them at the Hollywood Bowl, when she was a teeny-bopper back in ‘64. A friend of hers swears she had a butterfly painted on her tummy…cute.


But how long will the sun be shining down upon us, will it be long enough to resume painting the Manor, a project that I had to abandon last fall due to lack of sunshine and an abundance of rain and snow? More importantly, will the sun shine brightly enough to vanquish the COVID-19 pandemic, as this is what usually conquers most other flu-like epidemics?


All right, time for some levity, something we all could use more of in these unprecedented times. Who knows why the sun never went to college? Okay, you over there with your hand up, why didn’t the sun go to college? Wrong! It’s because it already has a million degrees.


This just in from local weather forecaster Floyd Frigid…the long-range forecast for this summer’s weather at Lake Gregory calls for mostly sandy with low crowds.


Speaking of the sun, how many of you remember the Bell Telephone Hour’s presentation of “Our Mr. Sun” back in 1956? That’s what I thought, many of you weren’t even born yet. Well, when I was a little tyke, my daddy was the district engineer for Pacific Telephone in Orange County and beyond. He would sometimes bring home filmed episodes of the Bell Telephone Hour, after they finished watching them at the office, and we’d invite all the kids in the neighborhood to watch them in our living room.


One such episode in 1956, “Our Mr. Sun,” was a favorite of all us little tykes. Written and produced by Frank Capra, it explains how the sun works and its role in sustaining human life. The film starred Frank Baxter as “Dr. Research,” Eddie Albert as “The Fiction Writer,” Marvin Miller as “The Sun,” Sterling Holloway as the voice of “Chlorophyll” and Lionel Barrymore as “Father Time.” And now you know…the rest of the story.


“Here comes the sun, doo-doo, doo, doo. Here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right.”


Keep it flyin’ Uncle Mott