Mountain Musings


Hot Fun in the Summertime


Congratulations to all the young folks out there. It was a long haul, but you made it through another year of school.


And extra special congrats to all the grads – you persevered and now it’s onward to bigger and better things. But first you deserve a break. Once again, it’s time to kick off your shoes, bring out the swimsuits and shorts and get ready for some fun in the sun…but don’t forget to apply some sunscreen before you head outdoors.


Like most of you, my favorite part of the school year was when it came to an end in June. Luckily, back in the day we didn’t have cell phones, iPads, or video games. I say “luckily” because we didn’t just sit around the house all day long texting, tweeting or watching the idiot box. What we did have was each other and we went out and did stuff, cool stuff like backyard baseball, bike rides, swimming and skateboarding on a board we made ourselves out of a board attached to roller skates. It was what I like to call “hot fun in the summertime.”


End of the spring and here she comes back. Hi, hi, hi, hi there. Them summer days, that’s when I had most of my fun. Hi, hi, hi, hi there. Them summer days, those summer days. I cloud nine when I want to. Out of school, yeah. County fair in the in the country sun. It’s true, ooh yeah. Hot fun in the summertime. Hot fun in the summertime. Hot fun in the summertime. (“Hot Fun In The Summertime” – Sly & The Family Stone – 1969)


Back in the day, most moms didn’t have to work to help support the family, so they would load the neighborhood kids in the station wagon and head for the beach. My favorite beach was Corona Del Mar, where we could body surf without worrying about sharks, cook hot dogs and s’mores in the fire rings and walk out on the jetty and explore the caverns at Pirate’s Cove. Best of all were the summertime road trips with mom and dad to places like the Grand Canyon and the High Sierras, where we camped out and went fishing, swimming, hiking and horseback riding.


But that was then and this is now. Chances are that mom and dad are both working now, but there’s still a world of adventure out there. Living in a vacation paradise does have its advantages, things like youth sports leagues, fishing in nearby lakes and streams, hiking trails and campgrounds throughout our beautiful forest. Enjoy it while you can; before you know it, it will be time to head back to school.


First of the fall and then she goes back. Bye, bye, bye there. Them summer days, those summer days.


Hot fun in the summertime, hot fun in the summertime….


Keep it flyin’ Uncle Mott