It’s Only Rock n’ Roll


So far, 2022 has been a good year for concerts. My son and I saw Grand Funk Railroad in Laughlin back in January and Rhea and I saw country and western artist Kane Brown in March, also in Laughlin, where we regularly get comped tickets from our host at Aquarius Resort and Casino.


David and I traveled to the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last month, where we saw Foreigner, which was the best rock n’ roll concert I’ve attended so far this year.


I said I know it’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it. I know it’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it, like it, yes I do. Oh, well, I like it, like it, like it. (“It’s Only Rock N’ Roll – Rolling Stones – 1974)


More recently, on May 7, Rhea and I returned to Laughlin, where we saw REO Speedwagon open for Sammy Hagar at the Laughlin Event Center, where we had excellent seats about 15 rows back from the stage. Everything was going fine until the wind picked up and caused the overhead lights to start swinging back and forth about halfway through Sammy’s set. Due to the dangerous conditions, the show was called off and the 7,000-person outdoor arena had to be evacuated.


Not only was that a bummer, but the hotel Vice President and General Manager Sean Hammond, who, by the way grew up in Crestline and attended Rim High back in the 90s, had made arrangements for me to interview Sammy Hagar who, until recently, had a home and recording studio in Lake Arrowhead, so we both thought it would be of local interest. However, the interview was canceled at the last minute (another bummer), although Mr. Hammond gifted me with an autographed bottle of Sammy’s latest Cabo Wabo Tequila, which I’m saving to use as an auction item or raffle prize at a future event sponsored by one our local charitable organizations.


Anyway, back to concerts, David and I will be returning to Laughlin on June 4 to see The Marshall Tucker Band. Nothing else is planned for Laughlin or Vegas just yet, but we still have some excellent concerts coming up this summer, here on the mountain. There’s the Friday Market Night concert series at Lake Gregory’s south shore pavilion, where local bands Bucket List, Joey and the Green Label Band, Bear Valley Blues Band, and others to be announced, will be playing this summer. Also, Center Stage at Lake Arrowhead Village has a full lineup of over 30 tribute bands, including Fan Halen, Led Zepagain, Which One’s Pink, etc. Check the Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce website for the complete list. And don’t forget Skypark’s Tunes in the Trees concert series on Friday evenings.


Well, I gotta be moseyin’ outta here now. Keep on rockin.’


I said, I know it’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it, like it, yes, I do.


Keep it rockin’… uhhh, flyin,’ Uncle Mott