Mountain Musings


Finger Poppin’ Time


While driving back from Las Vegas last weekend and climbing upward and then downward over all those mountains and down into the valleys, it was amazing how many times my ears popped.


It was kinda’ like a bottle of Champagne being opened by the waiter, especially when I reached the top of the Halloran Summit and then again when I descended into the valley below. Most of you, I’m sure, have experienced this phenomenon (that’s one of those fancy Don King type words… ah, yes, I love it…Phenomenon!).


Anyway, where were we, oh, yes, many of you have experienced this phenomenon driving up and down our mountain. And it happens whenever you take off and come in for a landing on an airliner. It’s simply a matter of the change in air pressure as you change altitudes. For instance, as you climb upward the pressure is less, which makes your eardrums expand outward. You can correct this by pinching your nose and breathing inward. By doing this your ear drums will pop inward so you can hear normally again. The opposite happens when you travel downward, so you would pinch your nostrils and gently blow outward. But be careful, don’t blow too hard or you could bust your eardrums.


Now, about that trip to Vegas… Oh, wait, someone’s at the door, I’ll be right back. What a surprise! You’ll never guess who just showed up at my doorstep… It’s Doctor Pimplepopper, from the TV show.


“Come on in Doctor Popper, what’s poppin’?… heh, heh, heh. Say, me and the Missus really enjoyed that episode when you popped one the size of a baseball on the back of some dude’s neck. Do you ever get tired of all that gooey, white stuff gushing out of these, well, they’re not exactly pimples? No? you don’t say. Okay, I get it, it’s because of all the dough you get from the TV show.”


What, you have to leave now to film another episode? Ah, come on, why don’t you join me and have a nice gooey vanilla shake, it’ll make you feel so good, and you can shake it until it breaks?”


Hey now, hey now, hey now, it’s finger poppin’ time. I feel so good, woo and that’s a real good sign. Hey now, hey now, hey now, come on along with me, we gonna shake it until it breaks, just wait and see. (“Finger Poppin’ Time” – Hank Ballard and the Midnighters – 1961)


Back to our trip to Vegas. No sooner than we checked into The Stat, me and the Missus strolled over to Fremont Street to see what was poppin’ over there. That’s when I caught a glimpse of the one and only King of Rock and Roll. That’s right, none other than Elvis Presley. I know it was really Elvis because he wuz wearin’ a white jumpsuit and dark sunglasses.


I gotta go now and get Elvis’ autograph. See y’all next week.


Keep it flyin,’ Uncle Mott