Now that the holidays have passed by, it’s time to climb into my time machine and transport myself into the future. Don’t worry, I’ll be back again sometime in the future.


Let’s see now, how do I strap myself in? I wouldn’t want to go too far and end up stranded in the past and hang out in a cave with Fred and Wilma. But first, I must say goodbye to the Missus since I may never see her again. “Goodbye dear, I’ll see you again someday.”


You know what? Time is kinda’ like a river. No, really, just listen.


“Time, flowing like a river, time beckoning me. Who knows when we shall meet again, if ever, but time keeps flowing like a river, into the sea. Goodbye my love, maybe forever. Goodbye my love, the tide waits for me. (“Time” The Alan Parsons Project – 1981)


OK now, I’m going to start this thing up… see ya’ll later. Woooooosssh! Yee, ha! I’m really flyin’ now. Wait a gol’ dern’ minute, something’s wrong, I think I’m going to crash land. Bonk! Hey, get me out of this thing. Well, at least I’m on the ground, so I might as well step out to terra firma.


Well, what do you know? Here’s a familiar face. Mind if I ask for your name? What, you’re kidding, Muhammad Ali? Really? “Yeah, it’s me bro. As you know, I am the greatest!” “Well, it is Boxing Day, you know, the day after Christmas when you place all those empty boxes back in the closet, so you can reuse them.”


But wait, if I’m here with Muhammad Ali, it must be sometime around 1963. This may not be all that bad. Perhaps I could rewrite history and get my new buddy, Muhammad, to knock out Lee Harvey Oswald and that Sirhan character before they take out JFK and Bobby.


Well, I gotta’ get back to where I started out, in 2021. Here I go again…Wooooosh! I’m flyin’ again, yeeeee, haaaah! It won’t be long now…. Dwonnggg! Well, I am back on terra firma. again. My, oh my. You know what? “Time went by so quickly that I didn’t see it go. But I never saw it coming, so how was I to know?” (John Stewart reference).


“Hi, honey, I’m home. Say did you get all those boxes back in the closet?” “Yes, dear” (You know what? She’s so frugal that she never throws anything away and always puts my gift in the same box. Shhh, don’t tell her I said that or I’ll be sleeping on the couch with those cute kitties I got her for Christmas.)


I don’t plan to be visiting the past or future again, but I bet I’ll still see those battered boxes again. One thing’s for sure, I’ll know which box is mine from just looking at its size and shape.


Keep it flyin’ Uncle Mott


(Speaking of flyin’, you can skip the time machine. I just made up all that stuff. Woooosshhh! Oh, no, here I go again!)