Saturday in the Park


Well, Rhea was originally slated to announce this year’s Jamboree Days parade from in front of Akasha Healing Center on Lake Drive but, now, who do you suppose will be announcing the parade? The suspense is mounting…me! And you can bet your bippy I will.


Soupy Sales used to say that a lot on his adult-oriented TV show back in the 60s. Soupy also used to say, “Don’t tell stories out of school, the kids in school might not have heard them.” Well, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be using my very best radio voice, which I cultivated as a student DJ in the cafeteria at Tustin High School (The bonus here was that I got out of PE early to rush over to the cafeteria for my noon-time musical extravaganza). Then I refined it at Chapman College in Orange (now Chapman University, which is where I met my “child bride.” And, as the owner of a multi-unit retail record store (Jabberwocky Discount Records), I professionalized my voice by recording radio commercials for my business and several others for over 20 years.


“Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July. People dancing, people laughing, a man selling ice cream, singing Italian songs. People talking, really smiling, playing guitar and singing for us all. Will you help him change the world, can you dig it? I’ve been waiting such a long time for today. ” (“Saturday In The Park – Chicago – 1972) I sure hope the UFO encircling Lake Gregory that was witnessed by thousands of us watching the 2001 July Fourth fireworks show doesn’t make a return visit this year. One thing that has always amazed me about the British is that they never celebrate the Fourth of July… go figure! Nor do they celebrate Thanksgiving and Halloween… how rude!


I’m really looking forward to watching the procession of vehicles and floats moving from Top Town Crestline and down to Lake Drive during this year’s Fourth of July parade. It’s an annual tradition in my family to watch and participate in this parade, such as the year that my oldest son drove a decorated, horse-drawn cart down Lake Drive, winning second place in the equestrian division. My youngest boy followed behind him on his bicycle when he was just a little tyke… yes, he was a “Tyke on a Bike.”


And, be sure to wave to Rhea, who is this year’s Crestline Citizen of the Year as she passes by. “Funny days in the park, every day’s the Fourth of July. People reaching, people touching, a real celebration, waiting for us all. If we want it, really want it, can you dig it? and I’ve been waiting such a long time for the day, yeah, yeah, yeah.”


Keep it flyin’, Uncle Mott