Mountain Musings


Ain’t That A Shame


Kudos to Mick Hill, this newspaper’s owner, who recently wrote in his weekly opinion column that we need more snow and a park in Crestline.


As you can plainly see, Mick’s wish has come true, what with the recent series of winter storms of epic proportion and the recently announced retirement of the local recreation and park district’s general manager. It’s what I like to call a “double header” for the ever-insightful Mick Hill.


Despite lovely parks in most other communities within the local recreation and park district – and despite the repeated requests from Crestline residents – Crestline, which is the most populated community within the district and whose property owners pay more taxes than any of the other communities to support the district, is still without a park, save for the skateboard park, which is operated by the San Bernardino County Regional Parks Department.


The general manager wouldn’t even go for a park at the old county dump site out on Old Mill Road for a fee of one dollar a year… Go figure!


“You made me cry, when you said goodbye, ain’t that a shame? my tears fell like rain, ain’t that a shame? you’re the one to blame. You broke my heart, when you said we’ll part, ain’t that a shame? my tears fell like rain, ain’t that a shame? You’re the one to blame.” (“Ain’t That A Shame” – Fats Domino – 1955)


Kudos also to the unsung heroes, the men and women at Caltrans and the San Bernardino Public Works Department, who operate the snow plows, gravel spreaders and de-icing vehicles, who have done a remarkable job of keeping our roads and highways cleared of snow and ice, despite a seemingly never-ending series of three winter storms (a “triple header”).


Yes, I’m giving them kudos, despite having to shovel a three-foot-high snow and frozen ice berm at the end of my driveway six times in the past week (hexa-header). Not to mention having to clear my satellite dish of snow every 30 minutes using an extra-long flagpole in order to watch TV. Maybe it’s time to consider switching back to cable.


Meantime, in my opinion – and all of the above remarks are my opinion – what Crestline really needs is one or more beautiful parks, where we can walk our dogs and where our kids can play baseball, basketball and soccer.


That we still don’t have a park of our own is a cryin’ shame.


“Oh, well, goodbye, although I’ll cry, ain’t that a shame? my tears fell like rain, ain’t that a shame? you’re the one to blame.”


Keep it flyin’ Uncle Mott