Mountain Musings


Calendar Girl


While I’ve been called “frugal” by some and a “tightwad” by many others, the truth of the matter is that I’m both. This can be best exemplified by my choice of a calendar for the new year. Well, it’s not exactly new, but it’s just as good as new.


When my BW (Beautiful Wife) informed me the other day that the configuration of days and dates on this year’s 2021 calendar is exactly the same as it was in 1993, it suddenly struck me that we still had some old Crest Forest Historical Society calendars dating back to 1993. Needless to say, BW, who by the way was a co-founder of the Crest Forest group, which was a forerunner of the Rim of the World Historical Society, never throws ANYTHING away.


Don’t ask me how BW knew this year’s calendar was the same as 1993’s – she just did. Actually, she knows a lot of stuff that I don’t. I guess that’s why she’s the history lady and I’m just a local muser. By the way, according to BW, calendars from as early as 1909 and as late as 2134 also have days and dates matching this year’s. More recently, 1965, 1971, 1982, 1993, 1999, 2010 and, of course, 2021 match this year’s.


So, if you’re frugal like me and you happen to have this year’s calendar, or any of these others, be sure to hang onto them. I plan on using mine for all these years and beyond. What, you don’t believe me? It could happen.


So we dug this box of old calendars out of BW’s historical archives, which consume two rooms here at Motley Manor, and pulled out a perfectly pristine copy of the historical society’s 1993 calendar, which now graces the wall next to my desk. January’s historic photo features, in living black and white, a 1930s photo of the snow-covered shoreline of Lake Arrowhead.


I’ve searched stores high and low for a new calendar, but nary a one was to be found. In days of yore, it used to be that your realtor, banker, hardware store, dentist and accountant would send you a free calendar at the end of the year. Now I can’t remember the last time that happened. So, who’s the real tightwad here, them or me? Hmmm…probably both.


But I still need a calendar for the bathroom, so I’ll know what day of the week it is when I wake up in the morning. I found one I liked the other day that features a scantily clad Taylor Swift. I thought it was really cool, but BW was giving me one of those “looks” that sort of implies, “Do it and I’ll be sprinkling saltpeter on your scrambled eggs, Buster.”


“I love, I love, I love my calendar girl. Yeah, sweet calendar girl. I love, I love, I love my calendar girl, each and every day of the year.” (“Calendar Girl” – Neil Sedaka – 1962)


Keep it flyin’, Uncle Mott