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Dear Editor, Vickie Vargas

Here it is Thursday, March 23, and we just got hit with more snow and rain, and more snow is predicted. So, while we are dealing with destroyed homes and structures, we now have more snow to clear out. It seems to be never-ending. In addition, our creeks are raging...

Expressing gratitude for help received

By Aaron Creighton Publisher My father always said that, when you ask for help and someone gives it, you should be grateful and let them know it. I think that certainly applies in relation to the emergency response we received to the once in 50-year blizzard that hit...

Find alternatives to shutting down Highway 18

By Aaron Creighton Publisher I am tempted to be critical of the response by various agencies of government to our current crisis, but I also want to tread carefully so as to be fair. Of course, what is going on in our mountain communities is daunting, and certainly...