Rim Recreation and Parks considers tax hike

Feb 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

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The Rim of the World Recreation and Park District (Rim Rec) held their third of five public meetings discussing the division of the district into voting zones as required by state regulations. They are using demographic figures compiled by the school district to evenly divide the various demographic groups between the five zones their board members will represent. At this stage, they have narrowed the scenario maps down to two that seem to be even in most aspects and they will further examine those two maps at their next meeting and vote on the final map at their April board meeting. The maps are on their website for the public to examine at www.rim-rec.org.

They will have two seats up for election during the November elections, using the new map. Then each area will have an elected official who lives in that area, representing the issues of that community on the Rim Rec board. The Rim Rec district covers the areas of the mountaintop from Crestline to Green Valley Lake. Cedarpines Park has its own park district and is excluded from the Rim Rec district.

The Rim Rec district currently gets a $22 flat parcel tax each year from each property owner within the district from an assessment through the county tax collector. Most programs and classes also require each participant to pay a fee to use the facilities and access the programs.

The district is considering whether they want to put the increase on November’s general election ballot. They would be asking for an increase in this assessment, which, as proposed, would also include an automatic cost of living percentage instead of a flat fee assessment as they now have. The Consumer Price Index, which is now 2.3 percent, General Manager Karen Reams stated, will be capped at 3 percent. By having the increase, programs can be kept at the current levels, added Reams. By having the cost of living included in the ballot measure, it will save the district from paying election fees, which are currently approximately $30,000 per election, each time they want an increase from the taxpayers.

When the district began as an independent county special district in 1985, it first assessed a $10 parcel fee. However, 10 years ago voters approved an increase up to $22 per parcel. The district has four soccer/ballfields, three community centers, five neighborhood parks (some with ballfields), two portable buildings on schoolground sites and the district office, which has recreational classrooms within it. It operates several types of programs, including dance, sports and educational, from these sites, with eight full-time district employees and many part-time staff employees, including teachers and instructors for the various daycare activities and sports programs it offers.

The board members intend to create a PowerPoint presentation if they decide to go forward with this new assessment, showing the many programs that Rim Rec offers the mountain communities. If they do not get the ballot measure to pass, they may have to downsize the budget.

The district offers 18 classes at their facilities and has fields where sports leagues play. Currently, their K-8 grade track and field program is enrolling participants; visit the website for more details or call (909)337-PARK.

Crestline resident Gigi Bannister was elected by her fellow board members as the new chair of the board for the 2020 year. Elected vice chair was last year’s chair, Lawrence Mainez. Other members of the Rim Rec board are Dr. Hugh Bialecki, Mike Milliorn and Jason Bill. The board meets the fourth Monday of each month, with the next two meetings being held at the district office in Rimforest, which is located at 26577 State Highway 18 in Rimforest. It’s open Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Fridays until 4 p.m.



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