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Ask the Realtor – The real estate market: Then and now

In May 2020, our local real estate market was just beginning to feel the effects of the pandemic lockdown. Nationally, the average interest rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage was 3.15 percent. Fast forward to May 2024, and the market dynamics have shifted...

Ask The Realtor – Short-term rentals: Rising expenses, waning appeal

As the housing market stabilizes post-pandemic, a notable trend emerges: Many short-term rentals, once seen as lucrative investments, are hitting the market. During the pandemic, urban professionals flocked to mountain communities, driven by sky-high city housing...

Light-filled Retreat "Welcome to your light-filled retreat in the serene surroundings of Lake Arrowhead! This inviting four-bedroom, two-bathroom home offers the perfect blend of modern comforts...
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