Rim’s elementary schools to reopen in hybrid model

Oct 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

Submitted by Michelle Murphy
Superintendent, ROWUSD

On Monday, Oct. 6, Rim of the World Unified School District was notified that our elementary waiver application for Lake Arrowhead Elementary, Valley of Enchantment Elementary and Charles Hoffman Elementary for reopening was approved.

Our data regarding COVID on our side of the mountain continues to be in the orange tier of the state monitoring system.

There are many questions surrounding what school will look like when students return to school in the hybrid model. Some of these questions can be answered by reading our elementary waiver application and our strategic plan posted on the district website and shared with families and employees through the survey process, press releases and social media. To read and reference each document, visit www.rimsd.k12.ca.us/Page/2394.

In summary, school will look different:
● Employees and students will be in masks and/or shields
● Desk shields will be placed on every student and teacher desk
● Desks will be spread out in classrooms as space allows
● Temperature monitoring equipment will be at each entry point
● Physical distancing will be encouraged by established traffic patterns in our hallways
● Lessons from teachers will be provided on handwashing, hand sanitizer, social distancing and proper wearing of masks
● Areas of the playground will be assigned to classes on a rotating basis
● Seating will be arranged in our cafeteria to maximize safety
● The hybrid model: This model will be different from a regular school schedule. Parents will be notified once the hybrid schedule is complete. Information regarding PPE equipment will be included in this communication.
● Drinking fountains will be turned off and water bottle filling stations have been installed on every campus

We are pleased to announce that all three elementary schools will be opening on Nov. 30, the Monday after the Thanksgiving break, in the hybrid model for the 78 percent of families who want their students to return to campus.

Over the next six weeks we will be matching the 22 percent of families who wish to remain in the current distance learning model. The district still will operate the Home Choice program under the coordination of David Nygren. In order to accommodate this desire, class changes are very likely as we match students to teachers.

Air purification systems have been ordered this week for each classroom and are expected to arrive at the beginning of November. We feel this will be an added important safety feature in our classrooms since we have never had air conditioning in our mountain schools.

Our transportation and child nutritional services departments will be developing their schedules with added safety protocols in place.

We encourage you to take a look at the equipment and safety measures as we prepare to bring your children back to school by looking at the pictures on our website: www.rimsd.k12.ca.us/Page/2675.

Thank you to our families, our classified employees, administrators and teachers for working through the guidelines set by the state of California for the opening of elementary schools. We can’t wait to be reunited with our students as we prepare for their safe return.



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