Where are the plows?

Dec 22, 2022 | County

snow plow

It’s snowing outside and you are wondering when the snowplow will show up on your street.
San Bernardino County Department of Public Works recently issued a snow removal guide that answers residents’ questions and can help them be prepared for snow.
The county is responsible for plowing county-maintained roads and those in special districts. Does that apply to your road? Visit sbcountydpw.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html to find out.
Caltrans is responsible for snow removal and cinder spreading on state highways (18, 138, 173, 189).
But when does the county start to plow? When two or more inches of snow has accumulated on the ground. They will continue until streets have been cleared to their full widths. That will not happen immediately – they clear one lane during snow events and then follow up to clear the road to its full width after the storm has ended.
Clearing private driveways and removing berms is the responsibility of the homeowners.
Here are some tips from Public Works:

  • Snow removal crews make at least two passes on each side of the road. Wait until the second pass before clearing your driveway
  • When shoveling your driveway, throw the snow to the RIGHT as you look at the road – that follows the snowplow’s pattern.
  • Not all county-maintained roads are cindered – just the primary roads.
  • Caution children to NOT slide down driveways onto streets.
  • Park your vehicle OFF the road or get as far off the road as possible. San Bernardino County code restricts parking on mountain streets when snow conditions exist.

For more information on snow-related weather conditions, road closures and maps, visit htts://cms.sbcounty.gov/dpw/Operations/SnowRemoval.aspx.



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