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Jan 26, 2023 | County

 January 3, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Arbula Dr – Suspect 1 was arrested on his felony warrant – Suspect 2 was arrested for drug charges – both were transferred to CDC where they were booked

RIM (Warrant Arrest) Bear Springs Rd – Subject was cite released on his two in-county warrants – new court date issued – teletype sent

CRL (Death Investigation) Edelweiss Dr – Medical en route – male is down – unknown if he is breathing – 62-year-old subject is cold and not answering – RP can’t move him – advising he is a large man – subject on the ground – is face down – RP last saw him at 3:00 p.m. – front door is unlocked – dog is tied up in the kitchen – male is in the living room – Fire is on scene

LAA (Domestic Battery) S State Hwy 173 – RP states his girlfriend wants to kill herself – negative weapons – she’s breaking things in the house – negative drinking/drugs – negative injuries – negative mental health issues – RP wants to stay on the line with intake – RP states he was cut a little by female – he won’t answer what she cut him with – female yelling and crying again – medical requested by RP for female – he doesn’t want medical for himself – he states he wants medical to respond for the female because he feels she needs mental medical help, but she isn’t injured – RP told Fire that female has hit him – he is still speaking with Fire – female states she has taken her “regular meds” but unknown what – RP is turning on the lights and putting their two dogs away – no longer on the line – RP is requesting well check on mother – received messages from her around 5:42 a.m. this morning asking for assistance in purchasing a gun so she could kill herself – RP is requesting phone contact with dispatch

GVL (Fraud Use Credit Card) Wild Cherry Dr – Occurred on 1/2/23 – unknown subject(s) took money from his EBT card – two separate transactions – total value will be $1,740 – RP still has his EBT card – welfare office issued a new card today already – RP will be in a green F150 in parking lot of station – RP has unauthorized card usage on his EBT card

BLU (Grand Theft Auto) State Hwy 189 – RP wants to report stolen work truck – says he stores his work truck at his work yard in Rimforest behind rental place – he went there yesterday – noticed the truck was gone – Spanish speaker – victim last saw his vehicle on 12/31/22 at around 1:00 p.m. – on 1/2/23 at around 7:00 a.m., victim returned to his workplace and discovered his work vehicle missing – vehicle was being driven by unknown subject on 1/3/23 per cameras – teletype sent for the stolen vehicle

CRL (Paraphernalia) Woodsey Rd – Address is RP’s – at the end of the road – male parked there and took off into property next to RP – gated – no trespassing sign – came back – now it looks like male is locked out of his car – he’s been standing there for 30 minutes – sticking things trying to open vehicle – RP doesn’t want subject to know RP called – RP unsure on first number of plate – suspect was contacted at incident location during a call for service – suspect did not live at location – was in possession of a methamphetamine pipe – incident to arrest, vehicle was towed – suspect was cite released – teletype sent

 January 4, 2023

 CRL (Tow Authority) S Thousand Pines Rd/Zurich Dr – Vehicle was double parked at the Crestline Park and Ride – a records check revealed the vehicle was expired since 2021 – vehicle has a trailer with no plate or VIN – both vehicles towed – owner retrieved all items of value from vehicle – teletype sent

CRL (Driving W/O License) Zurich Dr/Gregory Pl – Vehicle was stopped for light out and missing plate – driver was found not to have a valid driver’s license – passenger had a valid driver’s license – driver was cite released – vehicle was driven home by passenger with valid driver’s license

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CRL (Death Investigation) Basel Dr – 40-year-old female – stiff, blue and purple – someone is at location with female – Fire en route

 January 5, 2023

LAA (Follow Up) Rainbow Dr – Child was sleeping inside residence – residence was clean and warm – child appeared to be in good health – food in residence for child

TPK (Warrant Arrest) Boulder Ln – Suspect was contacted at his residence for his outstanding warrant – transported and booked at CDC without incident

TPK (Follow Up) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Found Property) Twin Peaks Station – Phone found behind Twin Peaks Station by passerby – brought in – phone has slight screen damage – phone returned to owner – found property teletype entered

CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) Lake Gregory Dr/Horst Dr – Vehicle stopped for no registration – driver was known to have an active in-county warrant – passenger admitted to having drugs on his person – passenger was found to be in violation – both were transported and booked at CDC without incident – 52 grams of suspected methamphetamine was placed in an evidence locker at Twin Peaks

VOE (Burglary) Forest Ln – RP advising there was an eviction completed this morning at location – RP just arrived – saw the tenants and two other subjects leaving the location in a gray Jeep Rubicon – found front door kicked in – property missing – last seen on Forest approaching Laurel – occurred five minutes ago – RP gave possible plate – RP advising they changed the locks this morning – RP advising there was a male and female in the front seats – the tenants were in the back seat – previous calls

LAA (Grand Theft) Lakes Edge Rd – Just occurred – unknown items taken from store – ran out on foot – unknown if there was a vehicle in the parking lot – RP not able to give clothing description – an unknown black male adult entered the Coach store – stole approximately $3,000 in Coach backpacks – incident captured on video – subject wore black pants, a black hoodie, black baseball hat with green lettering on the front

BLU (Lost Property) State Hwy 189 – RP lost phone at Jensen’s this morning at 7:30 a.m. – tracking showed somebody picked it up and took it to Lake Gregory Regional Park – tracking with My iPhone shows it went to Lake Dr in Crestline – RP lost her phone at about 7:00 a.m. at the Jensen’s in Blue Jay – RP tracked her phone to Lake Gregory park – RP had Verizon disconnect her phone, thus cutting the tracking signal – teletype sent for the lost phone – report number given

CRL (Violation DVRO) – Lakeview Dr – Just occurred – RP has a restraining order against stepson – subject drove by cul-de-sac – burned tire – RP saw male turning on the street – requesting deputy for report

January 6, 2023

CRL (Possible Danger Drugs) Fern Dr/Big Oak Rd – Limited report – arrest made

RSP (Follow Up) Easy St – Limited report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Vehicle was stopped for participating in speed contest – driver found to have an active warrant – suspect was transported and booked into CDC for his warrant – Miranda interview conducted – vehicle towed – teletype sent

January 7, 2023

RSP (Paraphernalia) Preston Dr – CHP transfer – RP advising male subject who broke into RP’s residence on prior date is currently sitting inside his vehicle near location – believes subject is homeless and illegally using homeowner’s Internet services – RP concerned to leave her residence due to male being near her residence – subject was contacted at his vehicle – vehicle was blocking the roadway – subject admitted to having drugs on his person – suspect was cite released for drug violation – suspect advised to move his vehicle out of the roadway

LAA (Assault) Victoria Ct – RP states his brother assaulted him – medical declined – states he has a black eye – RP states brother is still at location – he left location – is in a vehicle down the street – occurred two minutes ago – getting further – negative weapons – brother is possibly on methamphetamines – RP will be in gray Toyota – will be on Victoria/Virginia – RP was hit by his brother – ongoing fighting issues with suspect and family – RP confronted suspect over paraphernalia in residence – argument ensued – suspect hit RP multiple times in the face – medical declined – suspect had active warrant – was contacted outside residence – arrested and transported to CDC for assault and warrant

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Friendly Ln – Looking for subject – homeowner invited deputies into the residence – made contact with suspect inside the residence – suspect was arrested for his three active warrants

CPP (Vandalism) Spring Dr – RP arrived home yesterday, after being gone for two weeks – unknown subject(s) broke several of residence’s windows by throwing rocks through them

LAA (Death Investigation) N Grass Valley Rd – 85-year-old deceased at residence

January 8, 2023

CRL (Courtesy Report) N Dart Canyon Rd – RP is requesting deputy – believes an unknown person hacked into a pharmacy system and is writing out prescriptions in RP’s name – RP could not provide a specific pharmacy – just says it’s occurring in pharmacies throughout the coast

CED (False ID Deputy) Western Dr/Alder Ter – Limited report

BLU (Driving W/SUS/RV License) State Hwy 189/Blue Jay Canyon Rd – Vehicle stopped due to expired registration – driver identified – found to be driving with expired Texas driver’s license – issued cite – advised to call family to pick up her vehicle

LAA (Petty Theft) S State Hwy 173 – Occurred around 12/20/22 to 12/27/22 – former employee stole items from location – is selling them online – wants to press charges

TPK (Petty Theft) Twin Peaks Station – Limited report

LAA (Animal Problem) N Fairway Dr – Information from CHP – RP’s friend was bitten by a dog – dog’s owner is on scene with dog – CHP transferred them over to medical – CHP has no further information – RP states that his girlfriend was bitten by a dog at incident location – she is now in the emergency room – requesting a report – will be at Mountains Community in ER – subject went to visit her friend at a rental cabin – her friend’s cousin was not at the cabin, but left his dog there – while inside the cabin, dog went inside and attacked subject – after the dog attacked, subject sustained a small cut to her left hand and two small puncture wounds to her left thigh – subject was provided with contact information and went to Mountains Community Hospital to be treated for her injuries

January 9, 2023

CRL (Paraphernalia) Lake Dr – CHP transfer – RP’s husband advised her that there is a transient male wearing an unknown color hoodie crouched behind the back of the business – possibly arrived on foot – RP advising doesn’t need to exit his vehicle to see the male – advised to enter at one driveway and go around the back with the spotlight against the building – they’ll be able to see him – unknown weapons, clothing color or subject description – jail check

LAA (Petty Theft) Stater Bros – Occurred 10 minutes ago – white male adult stole a $400 ornament – was in vehicle – headed towards 7-Eleven – video footage available

TPK (Driving W/SUS/RV License) State Hwy 189/Balsam Ln – Deputy observed a vehicle – a records check indicated the vehicle was expired as of October 2022 – deputy activated forward-facing red light and siren – deputy conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Hwy 189 and Balsam Ln in Twin Peaks due to the violation – deputy contacted driver, who identified herself with a passport – suspect advised her license was expired, which was confirmed during a records check – suspect issued citation for violation – suspect signed her citation promising to appear to the scheduled court date


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