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Feb 2, 2023 | County

January 10, 2023

LAA (Warrant Arrest) Community Way – Suspect identified and contacted at the Valero gas station on Hwy 18 in Rimforest – known to have an active warrant – arrested and transported to CDC without incident

TPK (Possession Control Matter) Twin Peaks Station – No report

LAA (Drug Overdose) S State Hwy 173 – Fire on scene with a possible drug overdose

CRL (Domestic Battery) Big Oak Rd – Husband hit wife – verbal fighting heard in background – husband drunk – negative weapon on him – RP says subject threw a milk carton at her – subject last seen wearing black shirt and gray sweatpants – male is verbal in the background – subject in living room – RP locked her bedroom door – RP says she is drunk – male yelling in the background “my face is clawed up” – premise history – RP says she drove both herself and male home after drinking at the Stockade – RP refused medical – RP sees deputy – disconnecting – on 1/10/23, deputy arrived at location reference a domestic dispute – upon arrival, deputy was met by victim – victim stated her husband of three years threw a milk carton at her head during an argument – additionally, victim stated her husband had been drinking since earlier in the night – deputy located suspect inside the residence – during the investigation, deputy located an orange juice carton that had been broken and a milk carton that was bent out of shape, consistent with being thrown – deputy also located milk droplets near where victim stated the incident occurred – additionally, the residence floor was sticky – suspect arrested for violation – suspect was transported and booked at CDC without incident

January 11, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

RSP (Tow Request) Valley Ridge Dr – RP requesting call from sergeant – believes she is being harassed by deputy – blue Ford, license plate given, was parked on the roadway facing the wrong direction – records check showed license plate was expired from June 2022 – vehicle license plate did not match the VIN of the vehicle – records check showed vehicle had a pending master file – vehicle towed – teletype sent

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – Annual – limited report

CRL (Burglary) Lugano Ct – Residence is vacant – lock to garage door appears to be kicked in – unknown if anything is missing from garage – RP is son of owner – RP calling back for ETA – will continue to wait – also has a bag of drugs and needles he needs to turn in – RP’s garage was broken into – nothing was taken – RP believes it was his brother who has a no-bail warrant

ARB (Psyche Intervention) Music Camp Rd – RP says roommate is having suicidal ideation – left location right now – roommate last seen wearing black hoodie, raincoat, black pants and gray boots – has attempted suicide in the past – took pills when he was a teenager – bought sleeping pills this morning, but RP took them away and subject got mad – possible direction toward Tank Rd – RP is not sure – subject has major depressive disorder – not taking medication for it – negative weapons on him – subject possibly high on weed – nowhere he likes to frequent – RP says he is terrified of being arrested and placed in handcuffs

LAA (Psyche Intervention) S State Hwy 173 – Reference prior call – RP advising her boyfriend passed away yesterday – she is scared to be home alone – advising she doesn’t have suicidal thoughts right now, but doesn’t know if she will later – has previously had suicidal thoughts – diagnosed with depression – takes medication – negative weapons in the residence – son is in the residence – will call back if anything changes – doesn’t have a working phone – CHP transfer – RP calling back to advise she is going to bed because she can’t stand being conscious

CRL (Tow Request) Alder Creek Rd/Fir Dr – Vehicle is parked on Fir – subjects have not been seen in the area – subject advising they ran out of gas, but did not feel comfortable – vehicle occupied by male driver and female passenger – Don’s Towing – vehicle ran out of gas on the roadway – vehicle registration out from 2018 – vehicle towed – teletype sent

January 12, 2023

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Gregory Dr/Horst Dr – Vehicle was stopped for unsafe lane change – driver was found to have a suspended license – driver was cite released – vehicle was driven away by passenger who had a valid driver’s license

CRL (Possession Narcotics) Lake Dr – White male adult, blond, red sweater and baggy jeans – pulling a wagon – has an axe, waving it at people – appears under the influence – RP advising negative injuries – she is inside the post office watching him – RP concerned junior high bus is due to stop in front of the post office in a few minutes – no further details – RP disconnected – subject was going toward the side of the post office – arrest made

CED (Grand Theft) Lakeview Dr – Occurred sometime last night – RP’s catalytic converter was stolen off his F350

January 13, 2023

LAA (Tow Request) Village Rd/S Peninsula ACRD – Limited report

BLU (Warrant Arrest) North Bay Rd/Little Bear Rd – Vehicle stopped for broken windshield/rear window – records check showed driver has two active warrants – vehicle towed – suspect complained of chest pain – was seen and transported by Fire to the hospital – he was issued a cite for his warrants – teletype sent for tow/warrants

TPK (290 Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Goodwin’s Market – Suspect went to jail for several active in-county warrants

CPP (Paraphernalia) Crest Forest Dr/Rockwell Rd – Vehicle stopped for no mud flaps – driver found to be driving without a license – passenger found to be on felony probation and possess a methamphetamine pipe – during an inventory search of the vehicle, deputy located 18 hypodermic needles, many of which containing a brown liquid of suspected heroin – driver and passenger arrested and booked at CDC

January 14, 2023

TPK (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189/S Grass Valley Rd – Deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle described as a gray 2005 Scion – records check confirmed the vehicle was expired as of August 2022 – driver was identified with a California driver’s license – records check showed suspect had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant – deputy detained suspect – placed him in patrol unit – suspect consented to search of vehicle – no weapons or contraband were located – warrant was found to be issued in 2010 for driving with an expired/suspended license – suspect was cite released on warrant – issued citation with a new court date of 4/18/23 – teletype was sent removing the warrant from the system

RSP (Warrant Arrest) Palo Alto Way/Commercial Way – Contacted suspect on a pedestrian check – suspect had a misdemeanor warrant – was arrested on the warrant – transported and booked at CDC without incident

CRL (Burglary) Dorn Dr – CHP transfer – unknown male came to RP’s door – asked RP what she was doing there – per RP, he may be delusional – is currently sitting outside her front door – arrived in a white Chevy truck – Hispanic male adult, black jacket and blue jeans – just came inside the RP’s residence and attacked her – female RP would not answer questions – hung up – RP did say she did not know the subject – did not know how he gained entry into her residence – advising medical – holding – advise medical if needed – attempted call backs with negative connection – recording saying number is not a subscriber – RP is hiding in her bedroom – no one else should be in the home – unknown if subject still inside – subject had forced entry into the home – RP wants medical but wasn’t attacked – he only came at her with a drill – RP not armed – subject attempted to attack her upstairs – she ran downstairs where she is now – in the bathroom connected to her bedroom – has her baby with her – RP just disconnected – attempting call back – it says the number is not a subscriber and hangs up – RP was upset about the response time prior to disconnecting – prior eviction – possibly civil – RP states he is owner of location – states about an hour ago, he went to the vacant house at location – unknown black female adult was inside the residence – front door knob appeared damaged – female’s black Ford Mustang was in the carport – unknown weapons/drinking/drugs – RP left location after verbal altercation with female – just now got service to call – is back en route to location – ETA for 20 minutes – RP’s address comes back to address – on Friday, 1/13/23 at approximately 2:00 p.m., male worker employed by the homeowner secured and left the residence – worker arrived back this morning – noticed damage to front door locks – worker entered the residence through a side door – noticed black female – worker identified subject as the tenant who was legally evicted in November 2022 – subject had no key or legal reason to forcibly enter the residence – suspect arrested for trespassing – transported to WVDC to be booked without further incident

January 15, 2023

TPK (Warrant Arrest) Twin Peaks Station – Suspect had several warrants for his arrest – he was arrested for the warrants – transported to CDC

LAA (Felony Spouse Abuse) West Shore Rd – 9-1-1 hang up – on call back, RP advising she is at an Airbnb – needs police – address per download – RP saying her cousin went crazy on her – hit her – hurting her hand – cousin will be drunk – attempting further – cousin is in the parking lot – drives a BMW – unknown if leaving or not – unknown date of birth for cousin – medical declined – weapons negative – cousin will not comply with deputies – RP put phone down to see if she can see cousin outside the window – RP can see cousin’s BMW outside – she cannot see him – RP advising phone line will be attached to the kitchen wall – she cannot take phone to window – deputy on scene – RP disconnecting and walking out to deputy – arrest made

BLU (Drunk in Public) State Hwy 189 – CHP transfer – caller not on the line – five subjects outside a vehicle (no description) fighting – female RP dropped the call or stopped answering – during deputy investigation, male refused to give deputy his name – was extremely drunk – it was later determined he was under the age to consume alcohol – based on objective signs and symptoms and statements from subject at the scene, suspect was arrested – he was transported and booked into CDC

CRL (Death Investigation) Lake Dr – RP says wife died – says she’s not breathing – medical on the line – says he found wife at the bottom of stairs face down – Fire having RP go back inside and start CPR – RP says no CPR needed – she’s deceased – Fire hung up – husband and subject got ready to visit family out of town – RP went to get gas and talked to neighbor – subject stayed home – showered and got ready – approximately 20 minutes later, RP came back inside and found wife unresponsive at the bottom of the stairs – Fire paramedics performed life saving measures, but no response – history of lung and liver issues – no issues – no signs of suspicious activity or trauma – coroner released deputies – family will choose mortuary – information provided

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr – RP is in the front office – requesting a deputy – says subject named Tom stole $10, food and medications – RP says Tom was in her face – RP says Tom is in the room and RP is in the front office – subjects are separated – suspect was contacted during a call for service – suspect was found to have an active misdemeanor warrant – suspect was enlisted and booked at CDC for the outstanding warrant

RSP (Death Investigation) Hill Rd – Information from CHP – RP found friend deceased – CHP says medical en route – intake calling medical – Fire gave cross streets – Smiley Park address given

January 16, 2023

CPP (Terrorist Threats) Spring Dr – CHP transfer – resident who lives on Spring Dr just showed up at RP’s residence threatening to kill RP’s husband – states he was throwing rocks at an abandoned residence – previous calls – priors – RP is on the line advising he will be en route – ETA about two hours – RP can see deputy at the location – RP requesting phone contact from deputy – per RP, he owns location – RP returning call about son – requesting call back – RP calling back advising ETA will be 20 minutes – RP is upset deputies have not called him – multiple RPs on Spring Dr reporting one of their neighbors (name given) carrying a hatchet and smashing windows on multiple vehicles and homes on Spring Dr – RP confronted from his front porch – subject carried the hatchet and told RP he would end his life – RP was afraid subject would kill him with the hatchet and called 9-1-1 – subject was last seen eastbound on Spring toward his residence on Spring with hatchet in hand – subject had vandalized a residence on Spring in the past – area check, PA announcements and contact at subject’s residence were made, but unsuccessful – warrant authored and approved – neighbors will call back if seen

TPK (Grand Theft Auto) Alpine Ln – RP’s vehicle is missing – no one had permission to drive – tank is full of gas – mechanic has one set of keys – states he believes mechanic took it within the last hour – RP calling back requesting deputy to look for his vehicle on Lakeside – vehicle taken from driveway – only key unaccounted for is a prior mechanic who lives in Crestline – did not see the car taken from driveway

LAA (Death Investigation) North Shore Rd – RP requesting a well check on his brother – RP states if deputy goes on through the gate to the backyard, they can access the deck to the second floor – can see into the bedroom – no dogs in the yard – RP states his brother’s ex-girlfriend called twice this morning to check – RP thinks she might be en route to the location – RP asks if she is there – she can call him – deceased person call – coroner transport arrived – residence secured with keys inside


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