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Feb 8, 2023 | County

January 17, 2023

CPP (Warrant Arrest) Mozumdar Dr/Minty Pine Dr – Suspect cite released on active warrant – teletype sent

LAA (Runaway Juvenile) Saint Bernard Ln – RP reporting runaway – occurred around 3:00 p.m. – states that this has happened before with juvenile – unknown where she has gone – no further details on juvenile – daughter ran away from home because she was upset she cannot attend public school – has been in communication with friends – last known whereabouts possibly in San Bernardino – juvenile does take medication for her behavior – no serious medical issues – area check negative for juvenile – teletype sent

CRL (Sexual Battery) Crest Forest Dr – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP wants to report sexual assault of daughter who is at location also

January 18, 2023

 LAA (Follow Up) Pioneer Rd – No report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Forest Shade Rd – Suspect cite released on her warrant

TPK (Death Investigation) Grandview Rd – CHP transfer – RP believes neighbor who lives at location is possibly deceased inside – can smell an odor coming from location – premise history – front door is not fully closed – medical advised and en route

CRL (Grand Theft Auto) Crest Forest Dr – Vehicle stolen from business parking lot – last seen around 10:30 p.m. – surveillance at location – unable to provide license plate – RP will be at address for deputy contact – RP advising surveillance at location did not get footage of incident – on 1/18/23 at approximately 11:07 p.m., vehicle was stolen by an unknown male subject – male was seen on video at 11:07 p.m., walking to RP’s vehicle – the vehicle was unlocked with the keys in the cup holder – RP did not give anyone permission to take his vehicle nor could he identify the subject from the video – suspect was wearing what appears to be tan or light gray pants with the same color hoodie, black possibly leather jacket, black Converse type shoes with white soles – teletype was entered as stolen – the vehicle was valued at $1,500 by victim – vehicle was gray 1999 Honda Accord with hood damage, broken passenger front door handle, broken left rear brake light and strobe LED brake light bulbs when the pedal is pressed

ARB (Theft/Lost Property) Squirrel Ln – CHP transfer – RP requesting keeping the peace to get phone back from location – RP has not reported his phone stolen – states his phone is pinging at location – subjects opened the door – then closed the door and refused to speak to the RP – RP requesting deputy

LAA (Tow Request) Rainbow Dr – CHP en route to location reference an abandoned white or light gray Dodge pickup – thinks there may be a deceased person inside due to smell – CHP requesting a deputy respond to assist their unit that is still en route – will advise if they go on scene prior to deputy – tow information

January 19, 2023

CRL (Sales of Marijuana) Lake Dr – No report

RSP (290 Register) Old City Creek Rd – No report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lee Bert Way/Straight Way – Suspect cite released on his active warrant – teletype sent

CRL (Follow Up) Boa Dr – Subject refused to allow deputy inside the residence – refused to allow deputy to speak to her daughter

CRL (Counterfeit Bill) Crestline Café – RP received a fake $100 bill from same white female adult in a U-Haul truck that got another business today as well – unknown female entered business to pick up an order – subject paid with a fake $100 bill – female received $60 in change and left with the food before RP discovered the bill was fake

TPK (Keeping of Property) State Hwy 189 – Location is an Airbnb – tenants were supposed to be out by 11:00 a.m. today due to lack of payment – RP went to location to see if they were gone – subjects are, but some of their property is left behind – RP states black rifle lying on the floor – RP not sure if it’s a real gun or airsoft rifle – RP requesting deputy – RP located a Ruger 10/22 rifle from prior renter – no record on file – teletype sent

LAA (Found Narcotics) S State Hwy 173 – RP lives at home alone – strange things have been happening since her boyfriend overdosed and passed away – has found windows opened when she just closed them and items moved around – premise history – RP located her son sleeping in the garage with the door open – RP states son not making sense when he woke up – son declined medical attention – RP states her boyfriend overdosed a few days ago – RP believed the overdose team is going to name her as a suspect – RP wanted to know what was going to happen to her boyfriend’s body – RP was having a mental breakdown – deputy gave the RP the station’s social worker – RP also gave deputy bag of suspected Xanax

RIM (Grand Theft) Bear Springs Rd – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP’s tools were stolen out of the back of his truck – sometime between 1/18/23 at 9:00 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. on 1/19/23, unknown subject(s) cut tie down straps that held the RP’s Milwaukee tool boxes down in the RP’s 2002 Toyota Tacoma truck bed – approximately four Milwaukee pack out boxes, containing approximately $5,000 worth of mostly Milwaukee tools were stolen – RP’s wife heard dogs barking at around midnight – believes possibly when subject(s) took the tools from his truck bed – RP parks his vehicle outside his home along the road – due to the area, RP believes the subject vehicle would have had to have been parked in the road – provide RP deputy’s contact to send list of tools taken and any serial numbers he may have – negative surveillance from residence – will follow up at neighbor’s – RP found broken, red plastic on ground near his truck bed side – believes his tool boxes were dropped off the side – truck bed door was still closed

CRL (Counterfeit Bill) Lake Gregory Dr – RP is manager – requesting deputy reference female who came in twice with counterfeit bill – RP has bill – female left in U-Haul five minutes ago on Lake Gregory toward Hwy 18 – unknown female tried to pass a fake $100 bill in Goodwin’s – female left in U-Haul pickup truck

January 20, 2023

CRL (False Vehicle Registration) Lake Dr/Pioneer Camp Rd – Vehicle was stopped for running a stop sign twice – vehicle was found to have false registration tags – driver was cite released for tag violation

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Gregory Dr/Bernard Dr – Vehicle stopped for rear light out – records check showed driver was driving on a suspended or revoked license and had an active warrant – he was arrested – vehicle towed – suspect was safely returned to residence – teletype sent for towed vehicle and warrant

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Friendly Ln – Pedestrian check on a subject known to have warrants – suspect was cite released on his warrants – teletype sent for new court date

CRL (Tow Request) Oak Dr – Limited report

LAA (Domestic Battery) Acadia Dr – CHP transfer – RP and girlfriend are fighting – says girlfriend hit RP in the face with her hand – girlfriend is drunk – negative drugs – negative weapons – has been argumentative with law enforcement in the past – is aware that RP called law enforcement – RP heard a female screaming and crying – RP yelled out “do you need help” – female replied “yes, I need help” – no visual of the female – female is “down below” from incident location – on 1/20/23, the victim and his girlfriend of seven months were drinking in the victim’s house when suspect accused victim of cheating in their relationship – suspect became irate and began to strike the victim in the face with her hands and scratching at his face – victim attempted to calm suspect down by putting her into a “bear hug” and restraining her – suspect told victim to let her go – which he did – after several seconds, suspect attacked the victim again – according to the victim, suspect attacked the victim four to five separate times – victim had several marks and scrapes on his face and neck

January 21, 2023

LAA (Drunk in Public) McDonald’s – Male is at location drunk – inquiring about getting a job – negative weapons – male refusing to leave location – upset that he cannot get a job at location – suspect drank vodka at home and walked to the Lake Arrowhead Village – suspect drank more vodka – was contacted by McDonald’s staff and security when he became argumentative – deputies contacted suspect outside business – due to suspect’s level of intoxication and behavior, deputy arrested him for being drunk in public – transported to WVDC – suspect signed cite, but was unable to follow simple instructions from intake deputies

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Gregory Dr/San Moritz Dr – Arrest made – one male – seat belted – handcuffs adjusted and double locked

RSP (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Circle View Dr/Glenview Dr – Multiple vehicles stopped for passing over a double yellow line – one driver was found to have a suspended license – driver was cite released – passenger had a valid driver’s license and drove the vehicle home

CRL (Drunk in Public) Faulhorn Dr – RP advising his ex-wife showed up drunk – refusing to leave – attempting further – RP’s ex-wife does not live at location – is not on the lease – priors – poor phone reception – RP not responding to intake – on call back, phone not in service – suspect and her separated husband were verbally arguing – suspect smelled of alcohol, had an unsteady gait, slurred her words and admitted to drinking – suspect was located in the front driveway of her separated husband’s residence – due to suspect causing a disturbance and being under the influence, deputy arrested suspect for being drunk in public – while placing suspect in handcuffs, she resisted by kicking deputy in the legs, head-butting deputy in the chest and pulled away to escape handcuffs – deputies overcame her resistance and handcuffed her to the rear without further incident – she was transported and booked at CDC

January 22, 2023

BBL (Warrant Arrest) Snow Valley Ski – Vehicle was stopped for passenger standing up while vehicle was in motion – driver was found to have an active warrant – passenger was given a verbal warning – driver was cite released for his warrant – teletype sent for the new court date

TPK (Paraphernalia) Sierra Vista Dr – Advising daughter’s ex-boyfriend is at the incident location threatening her – unknown where daughter is – ex-boyfriend is outside pacing back and forth – unknown drinking/drugs for male – RP’s daughter is at incident location – RP is at address – advising male either got dropped off or got an Uber – advising male is on probation for drugs and theft – not currently hearing anything from outside due to being inside – male has history of carrying weapons – unknown what – nothing seen due to it being too dark – no answer on call – arrest made

CRL (Possession Control Substance) Lake Dr/Old Mill Rd – Suspect ran the stop sign at Pioneer Camp and Lake Dr – during contact with suspect, it was discovered he was in possession of drugs and a methamphetamine pipe – suspect was arrested – cite released in the field

VOE (Miscellaneous Incident) Pine Ln – Husband and son fighting – son is detoxing from alcohol – husband fell through glass coffee table and slit wrist – son is trying to be calm – requesting medical aid – medical will hold call – male is losing consciousness – bleeding is under control – son going through alcohol detox and taking medication – son and father began to argue – during the argument, father fell over onto a glass coffee table – table broke – glass cut victim’s left arm – arm was bleeding profusely when deputies arrived – deputy applied tourniquet on victim’s arm to stop the bleeding – victim transported to St Bernardine’s Hospital in San Bernardino for further medical treatment

January 23, 2023

TPK (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189/North Rd – on 1/23/23, deputy conducted a traffic stop on a black 2017 Subaru Forrester due to the registration being expired – deputy contacted the driver, who identified herself with a valid California driver’s license – a records check showed suspect has a $7,500 misdemeanor warrant for her arrest – warrant was issued in 2013 – suspect advised she was not aware of the warrant – deputy issued a citation with a new court date of 3/28/23 – teletype sent for warrant – suspect was released in the field

CRL (Possession Narcotics) Crest Forest Dr/N Village Ln – Deputy conducted a traffic stop on vehicle driven by a sole occupant, identified – suspect was driving erratically – crossed the double yellow line multiple times – while speaking with suspect, she admitted her license was suspended and she was in possession of heroin – a search of her purse located suspected heroin, a hypodermic needle and pepper spray – a records check of suspect showed her license was expired and she had been convicted of multiple felonies – under Miranda, suspect admitted to being in possession of the pepper spray – she was transported and booked at CDC – vehicle was towed – teletype sent

RIM (Driving W/SUS/RV License) State Hwy 18/Bear Springs Rd – Vehicle stopped for expired registration and running a stop sign – driver found to have suspended license – had an active in-county misdemeanor warrant – driver arrested and cited – booked at CDC – vehicle towed – teletype sent

CRL (Identity Theft) Lake Dr – RP received a call from collections advising he had an account for $485 – requesting they make a report so he can begin a claim that it wasn’t him – will be at Blue Jay cabin – unknown subject(s) opened up an account using the RP’s personal information in March 2021 – account has since gone to collections – unknown if other fraudulent accounts have been opened – RP to check and follow up – report taken so account can be disputed

LAA (Grand Theft Auto) Arrowhead Village – RP states sometime between 4:00 p.m. yesterday and 8:00 a.m. today, unknown subject(s) stole a dump trailer from parking lot at incident location – RP is requesting deputy to address for report – will be his business office – RP has paperwork on the trailer – unknown subject(s) stole black PJ utility trailer from the south entrance of the Lake Arrowhead Village behind interior design business – business checking for video – will follow up on a later date/time – no suspect/evidence left – teletype and CHP 180 sent – area check negative


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