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Feb 22, 2023 | County

Sheriff Log

January 31, 2023

TPK (Found Narcotics) Twin Peaks Station – Prescription box in lobby

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Pioneer Camp Rd/Lake Dr – Vehicle stopped for registration – records check showed driver was driving without a license – driver issued citation – family arrived with valid license and drove vehicle home

BLU (Driving W/O License) State Hwy 18/Rim of the World Dr – Vehicle stopped for registration – driver found to be driving without a license – cited with court date of 3/20/23

RSP (Petty Theft) Onacrest Dr – Former coworker was staying in RP’s room – RP’s Xbox and a controller were stolen – thinks coworker took them – worth $350 – RP and roommates work at Pali Camp in Running Springs – roommate lived at residence for approximately two weeks before he left last Friday – came today to grab items – RP’s white Xbox series S console missing with white controller – headphones for Xbox were left on bed – no cameras or witnesses – no answer on phone call – RP will attempt to text and arrange a meeting with subject – was now at a hotel in Los Angeles – teletype sent

VOE (Rape) Waters Dr/Forest Cir – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP would like to report her rape – allegations of sexual assault – ongoing investigation – follow up to be conducted

February 1, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

BLU (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 189/Fir Ln – Observed vehicle drive past with broken windshield and extensive front end damage – vehicle check conducted to ensure driver was not in a recent traffic collision – records check showed active felony warrant – suspect arrested for warrant – teletype entered for towed vehicle

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Dr/Rocky Dell Dr – Vehicle stopped for no running lights facing the rear – driver found to be driving on suspended/revoked license – driver cited in the field

February 2, 2023

CRL (Possession Control Substance) Camp Seeley – Deputy contacted suspect and subject while they were parked in a dirt lot near Camp Seeley – during vehicle search, suspect admitted to having methamphetamine in a pill bottle under the driver’s seat – deputy located small amount of suspected methamphetamine in the pill bottle under the seat – suspect was cite released on scene

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – Limited report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

LAA (Identity Theft) Crown Way – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP says he is a victim of identity theft – his identity was used to open a fake business for payroll fraud – sometime possibly in later 2021, unknown person opened a business using the RP’s Social Security number and prior address – the RP found out when approximately $7,000 was taken out of his checking account by Employment Development on 1/30/23 – ED took the money due to unpaid payroll taxes in 2021 and 2022 – RP contacted ED and informed them he did not own the business – it was concluded he had been the victim of identity theft – ED required a report made with law enforcement – RP was provided the report number

Not Given (Violation DVRO) Not Given – RP said subject called her a few minutes ago violating the restraining order – prior contact – subject contacted the RP and left a voicemail – subject currently at San Bernardino Community Hospital – admitted to calling RP

February 3, 2023

RSP (Missing Person) Circle View Dr – RP received a text a couple months ago that said her daughter was killed at unknown location –RP has not seen daughter in two years – daughter lived on skid row  – last know residing in a blue tent near Sprouts in Valencia – RP received text and phone call from daughter’s friend who stated her daughter was killed – RP contacted LAPD who told RP to contact SBCSD for missing person report – report taken – limited information – teletype sent for missing person

TPK (Identity Theft) Sunset Loop Rd – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP is victim of identity theft – RP received a message in December 2022 regarding a Discovery credit card account – RP doesn’t have a Discovery account and disregarded it – on 1/27/23, RP was checking Credit Karma and saw approximately $3,000 owned on a Discovery credit card with her name associated – RP contacted Discovery and was told someone opened the account with her ID at a Bank of America, where the credit application was also notarized – RP did not open this account – does not know how someone obtained her license – RP has lost her license before, but never knew where or when exactly – RP provided report number per Discovery’s request – RP did not lose any money but, due to her identity being used, her credit score drastically went down

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Limited repor

LAA (Grand Theft) State Hwy 189 – Occurred less than five minutes ago – Hispanic male adult walked in and out – took items without paying – was over $1,000 – walked toward the parking lot – at about 4:45 p.m., unknown Hispanic male entered the business 15 minutes before closing – stole approximately 12 purses from the rack – employee estimates $4,000 worth of purses stolen – incident captured on surveillance

CRL (Illegal Entry Dwelling) Balfrin Dr – CHP transfer – RP does not live at location full time – advising her neighbor told her that, a few days ago, unknown subject was seen coming from the front door area – RP is sitting in a blue Mercedes – requesting deputy do a security check at location – premise history – unknown subject(s) entered the victim’s home – no signs of forced entry – all appliances still in residence – trash located inside residence – dishes in sink and feces in toilet – no additional leads at this time

VOE (Warrant Arrest) Maple Ln – Female saying “OK, he’s calming down now” – can hear a male in the background talking – female sounds hesitant to answer questions – wanted to only answer yes or no questions – states negative guns in the residence – intake asked if subject was drunk or high, female answered “yes” – female coughing and her voice sounded scratchy – intake asked if male choked her – female replied “a little bit” – deputy responded to the above location due to domestic disturbance – both parties confirmed verbal argument only due to suspect being drunk – no complaints of pain – no obvious injuries – denied medical attention – records check confirmed suspect had three outstanding misdemeanor warrants – suspect arrested and booked at CDC for the outstanding warrants.

February 4, 2023

LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Golf Course Rd – RP requesting to report finding male-sized gloves on her kitchen counter yesterday night when she returned home – RP advising she does not live with anyone – residence was locked – no signs of break in

LAA (Death Investigation) Squirrel Ln – 70-year-old male – Fire on scene – confirmed deceased

CRL (Lost Property) Darfo Dr – RP lost his wallet near Goodwin’s – occurred at 1:30 p.m. – RP possibly lost his wallet at Goodwin’s – Goodwin’s states they have not located the wallet – teletyped two credit cards RP had in his wallet

CED (Domestic Battery) South Ln – CHP transfer – female half is requesting deputies back to location – says husband hit RP in her face – female said “don’t touch me” – started crying – female stated while on the line husband pushed RP – medical declined – wants deputies to remove husband from residence – negative drinking/drugs – negative weapons – RP had no further information – disconnected – male calling back – states he is downstairs – he is covered in scratches – suspect arrested – booked at CDC

February 5, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Gregory Dr/Horst Dr – Vehicle stopped for no license plate – driver found to have three active misdemeanor warrants – arrested and booked at CDC

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Crest Forest Dr/S State Hwy 138 – Vehicle was stopped for no license plate – driver was found to have an active warrant – driver did not have registration, nor did he have insurance – vehicle found to be expired over two years – driver was cite released for his active warrant – vehicle was towed – teletype sent for the warrant and towed/stored vehicle

LAA (Vandalism) Del Norte Ln – Back window smashed – unknown if person or bear did it – requesting report – RP’s window was broken sometime between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. – nothing taken from the vehicle – unknown why the window was broken

SKY (Domestic Battery) State Hwy 18 – Requesting deputy to front security office – RP calling for customer that was hit by her husband at 2:50 p.m. – male half is waiting in black Jeep Wrangler in parking lot – husband drunk – no weapons – medical declined – RP calling back for ETA – states is cold and is going to be taking his baby inside – states his child’s mother got argumentative with him – she just left location in the vehicle – left him and his child behind – RP going to wait in front office for deputy – states female was drunk – left in black Jeep Wrangler – arrest made

LAA (Psyche Investigation/Evaluation) Peninsula Dr – RP’s 18-year-old daughter is making threats to harm self – is walking in the roadway – no drinking/drugs – no weapons – currently sitting inside gray Suburban with EMT inside vehicle

February 6, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Valley View Dr/Crest Forest Dr – Vehicle stopped for registration – driver and passenger found to have active misdemeanor warrants – arrested and booked at CDC – vehicle released to mother at scene

CRL (Death Investigation) Crest Forest Dr – RP states he hasn’t heard from his friend in several weeks – RP lives next door – RP states he has a package on the porch and his vehicle is there – RP is at his front door – he has keys to get in – during a well check, deputy located a deceased male inside his residence – there were no signs of foul play – several guns were located inside the residence and taken for safe keeping – coroner released the deceased to mortuary

TPK (Follow Up) Sierra Vista Dr – No report

VOE (False Pretense) Hemlock Ln – RP’s checking account was hacked and drained – needs incident documented for bank

CRL (Tow Authority) Pioneer Camp Rd/Rocky Loop – Vehicle stopped for registration and not wearing a seat belt – driver was cited – vehicle was towed – driver removed all items of value from vehicle – teletype sent for the towed/stored vehicle

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/S State Hwy 138 – Vehicle was stopped for high beam violation – driver was found to have an expired driver’s license and an active warrant – driver was cite released for the warrant – vehicle was towed – both teletypes sent

CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) Alder Rd/Lake Dr – No report – arrest made

TPK (Assault) Twin Peaks Station – No report



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