Caltrans announces opening of highways to residents

Mar 7, 2023 | State

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Caltrans 8 will be able to open up certain highway routes to resident’s only – with no escorts, at 4 p.m. today, 3/6/23 and will remain in effect indefinitely, unless an emergency occurs. Routes that will be included are SR-18 (48th in San Bernardino to Snow Valley) SR-38 (Mentone to Big Bear), 189 (entire length), 173 (entire length), 330 (Highland to Running Springs). SR-138 (173 to 18) under R2 chain control conditions. All routes will be open in both directions. SR-18 will remained closed from Snow Valley Resort to Big Bear Dam (Arctic Circle) due to heavy snow packs and avalanche potential.

Residents will be allowed with proof of residency, this is usually a utility bill along with your ID.

Chains are not required (except for the 138), but should be with carried in the vehicle as a precaution due to changing weather conditions.

At this time, if you are a nonresident, please visit the mountains when conditions have improved. We ask for your cooperation in giving local communities time to clean-up, recover and make progress in their areas before your visit.

Please slowdown in the mountains as heavy equipment is still being transported in. We are advising residents to please remain off the roadway, if able, as crews continue to work. As a reminder, parking on the highways is prohibited on shoulders and turnout unless it is a designated emergency.

If routes become overly congested, crews will initiate closures to clear incidents and assist in traffic control.


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