Caltrans District 8 opens roads to non-residents

Mar 12, 2023 | State

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From Caltrans District 8
8:00 p.m. 3/11/23
At this time, all mountain routes will reopen, to all, at 10 p.m. tonight. SR-18 will remain closed in two locations: The Narrows and Arctic Circle.
Please slow down, even though routes have reopened. Our crews and partner agencies continue to utilize heavy machinery and are still at work. Heavy fog, rain and slick roads can create issues for motorists, so if you do not like driving in those conditions, consider traveling when conditions have improved.
Large vehicles (buses, semi-trucks, extra long vehicles) should use SR-330 from Highland instead of SR-18 from San Bernardino due the the closure on SR-18 through the Narrows (138/18 Crestline Bridge to Crest Forest Dr). Detours for this closure is SR-138 to Crest Forest Dr or Lake Gregory Dr. Crews are working on rock removal and the route will remain closed until further notice.
SR-18 will also remain closed from Snow Valley Resort to Big Bear dam due to high snow packs and avalanche response.
Nonresidents, please be aware that the community is still recovering. Be respectful, slow down, and do not park on the roadways blocking essential personnel trying to render help.
Please bring chains with you, as weather conditions can change rapidly. Be prepared for long traffic queues, as you could be waiting for some time.
If emergency situations occur, routes may be temporarily closed to provide support for operations.


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