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Mar 23, 2023 | Features, Veterans Veritas

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The Brotherhood Bridge Foundation and Working Dogs for Warriors brought needed supplies to the mountain. Pictured, left to right, are Matthew McCasland, Daniel Neubauer, Michael Welsh and Edward Montoya.

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Two veterans groups brought up two truckloads of supplies following the recent storms.

(Photos by Michael Brewer)


Veterans arrive to help

By Michael Brewer

Special to The Alpine Mountaineer

There is no lack of volunteerism on the part of our mountain folk when it comes to lending a helping hand to those impacted by the blizzard and now the effects of the atmospheric river.

Our residents can be assured that our fraternal veteran organizations – the VFW, American Legion, Disabled Veterans, Marine Corps League and the homegrown Rim of the World Veterans Outreach – will always rise to the occasion.

Given the gravity of our situation and the number of municipalities coming to our aid, some from as far away as Monterey County, Pismo Beach, Orange County, San Diego and even Colorado, added to the National Guard, it makes sense that we would attract other veteran-related entities whose generous spirit inspires them to help.

So, entering the team of volunteers is Edward Montoya, executive director of the Brotherhood Bridge Foundation in Rialto. They are dedicated to the successful integration of veterans to civilian life with a mission to reunite America with its veterans one community at a time.

Montoya was an Army medic in Iraq and, upon seeing the needs on the mountain, teamed up with Michael Welsh, the founder of Working Dogs for Warriors and their local Disabled Veterans of America (DAV), to bring two truckloads of supplies for distribution at the Crestline library.

When asked what motivated them to travel up the mountain to help, both Montoya and Welsh offered in classic, laconic, military lingo, “It is our mission to give back.” 


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