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Mar 29, 2023 | County

 March 7, 2023

ARB (Vehicle Tampering) Fir Dr – Possibly around 3:00 a.m. today – unknown subject drilled three holes in RP’s vehicle’s gas tank – stole the gas – video footage shows a subject parking near the truck

 March 8, 2023

 TPK (Lost/Stolen Plate) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Grand Theft) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CPP (Death Investigation) Crest Forest Dr – 60-year-old male – confirmed deceased – Fire is on scene

LAA (Identity Theft) Oakwood Dr – RP went to Costco who said someone used her ID to pay for groceries and bounced their check – Costco has now locked her out – needs to report to unlock account with Costco – sometime around 2/16/23, unknown subject used a check with RP’s information to purchase items at Costco in Torrance – RP’s old business account that had since been closed was on the check – the check was denied, but the RP is now being held liable for money owed to Costco – RP instructed to file a report – RP did not lose any money – she does not know how someone obtained her information for a check – RP provided deputy contact information to send documentation to

 March 9, 2023

LAA (Warrant Arrest) Rim of the World High School – Limited report – arrest made

ARB (Domestic Battery) Cougar Ln – Wife going crazy – throwing things around the house and at RP – female is drunk – takes antidepressants – gun in the residence, but female doesn’t have access to it – negative injuries at this time – believes female will be cooperative with deputies – RP has no further information – advised to call back if anything changes – suspect and the victim have been in a dating relationship for approximately 10 years – live together – during an argument, suspect slapped the victim with his baseball hat and threw a piece of wood at the victim – suspect arrested – under Miranda, suspect admitted to slapping the victim – suspect was booked at CDC

CED (Violate Court Order) South Ln – RP has a restraining order against ex-boyfriend – subject is only supposed to contact RP via a parent app through the court – subject just called RP – RP states she hung up on subject – requesting report – unknown where subject is at this time – lives in Orange County – subject contacted his ex via phone call – subject not supposed to contact RP per court order – unable to contact subject via phone – unknown where he is

March 10, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Courtesy Report) Twin Peaks Station – No report

LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Lake Arrowhead Village – RP asking for sergeant to call him – says it’s about an incident that occurred at the Village yesterday – video obtained

March 11, 2023

CPP (Burglary) Crest Forest Dr – Second-hand information from comm center unit at cross street of Crest Forest/Waters – address does not verify – RP does not have the last digit to the residence – per RP, their unit told them that they are out with a subject in a red Toyota PT Cruiser who is telling them someone is in their house that should not be there – RP advising their unit gave them very little information – unknown name of the RP in the vehicle – no callback number – negative description of the subject inside the residence or who it is – unknown weapons – unknown circumstances – RP said “if a deputy goes to the intersection, you will see my unit and get information” – per RP he will try to reach his unit to get further and call back, but his unit had a radio service and could not reach him easily – requesting deputy to Crest Forest/Waters

RIM (Domestic Battery) Scenic Way – CHP transfer – male and female fighting – address was given by CHP – female confirmed address – male yelling that female is strangling him – female not answering intake – male will not leave – not answering intake again – RP telling him she does not want to put him in jail – just wants him to leave – male is drunk – RP says she is fine – does not want deputies to come out – male is a friend who wants to date her and is upset RP is not – deputies responded to a fight between male and female at residence – dispatch could hear male yelling he was being strangled in the background – deputy contacted female suspect who allowed deputy in and gave direction to where the victim was in the house – the victim stated he and suspect were in a dating relationship for approximately one and a half years – during an argument, both suspect and victim were intoxicated – suspect placed both hands around the victim’s neck, which caused redness – victim declined medical – suspect became uncooperative with deputies – suspect was placed in double-locked and adjusted handcuffs – suspect arrested for domestic violence – transported to WVDC to be booked on charge

 March 12, 2023

CRL (Disorderly Conduct) Crestline Rd – Male outside Rim of the World Sports Bar acting strange – yelling – has Stater Bros bag wrapped around foot

March 13, 2023

CRL (CPS Follow Up) Scenic Dr – No report

TPK (Adult Protective Services) Twin Peaks Station – Will attempt contact at a later time

TPK (Lost/Stolen Plate) Boulder Ln – Unknown subject stole RP’s front plate from her vehicle – negative cameras – sometime between 3/12/23 and the time of call, the RP’s front personalized license plate was lost/stolen – RP does not have any video or witnesses that noticed anything suspicious – teletype entered and CHP 180 signed – copy provided to RP

VOE (Vandalism) Brookside Rd – Daughter-in-law is trying to break the windows – unknown drinking/drugs – female is hitting windows with a shovel – female is locked outside – will be in the front yard – RP advising female has a warrant – RP advising she wants an emergency protection order – no one injured – RP advising last night subject kept trying to come into the bedroom – is upset RP would not let her in – RP says subject will drop the shovel when she sees the deputy – two dogs on site – will be in the bedroom – female is knocking on the door – female is trying to cut the tires on the Jeep – unknown with what – female just broke the window trying to get in – female took off down Brookside on foot – RP wants deputy to put female on a psychiatric hold – deputy in the area – disconnecting – arrest made



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