Sheriff’s Log April 6

Apr 5, 2023 | County

March 14, 2023

VOE (Follow Up) Waters Dr – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CPP (Death Investigation) Mojave River Rd – Comm center advising of a confirmed deceased person at location – comm center has already cleared location – RP is hysterical – advising landlord advising her boyfriend has passed away – is trying to get more information – premise history

BLU (Fraud Credit Application) Longview Dr – RP states that subject lied to RP advising they were going to protect RP’s assets and make her a lot of money with Bitcoin – RP gave subject all the information – they are now using RP’s identity – requesting a report – RP was talking to subject on a dating app – he told her he could make her money with Bitcoin – she provided him with the bank and personal information he asked for – shortly after, she realized it was fraud when she started getting notifications of accounts being opened which were tied to her primary accounts – attempted to locate subject via the phone numbers and emails he provided to the RP which all came back no report on file – victim was able to get approximately $20,000 refunded back to her from TD Ameritrade, but was defrauded out of approximately $9,200 – credit accounts have been locked – all account information has been changed by the RP – no additional leads at this time

CRL (Paraphernalia) Village Laundry – Transient in laundromat smoking a cigarette – refusing to leave – RP advising he’s known for lighting trashcans and things on fire – not being physical – unknown drinking/drugs – RP currently in back of store – doesn’t have visual currently – warrants on subject – arrest made

 March 15, 2023

 CRL (Land Trespass) Lake Dr – Transient male refusing to leave the property – will be close to room one and two – white male adult last seen wearing white/gray hoodie and black pants – unknown drinking/drugs – seen with a lighter – no weapons seen – has been asked to leave twice – refuses to listen to RP – arrest made

 March 16, 2023

LAA (Cruelty to Child) Alpen Dr – RP will be conducting an investigation reference possible child abuse on subject at Kaiser Fontana – mother giving different stories – will be transferred to Kaiser Los Angeles sometime today – has different stages of hematoma (bruising) – RP en route – ETA 20 minutes – per sergeant, wait for her investigation to start – ongoing investigation

March 17, 2023

LAA (Death Investigation) Somerset Ln – 20- to 30-year-old male shot himself – transfer to medical – RP says subject said he was going to hurt himself, so RP went out looking for him – RP found subject – address via RapidSOS – will be male (name given) – RP says he’s at the 173, where there’s a no snow play sign – black Dodge truck and silver Nissan Xtrerra parked where subject is – not awake – RP doesn’t think he has a pulse – RP now saying he’s not with subject – subject’s father is with subject

CRL (Driving W/O License) Old Mill Rd/Manzanita Rd – Vehicle stopped for expired registration – driver was found not to have valid driver’s license – driver was cite released in the field – due to tow company not being available, vehicle was left on the side of the road – advised driver to tow vehicle home

March 18, 2023

LAA (Drunk in Public) Mountains Community Hospital – Combative patient in emergency room – white male adult throwing furniture around and being combative – appears drunk – no weapons – arrest made

LAA (DUI W/3+ 23103) Evergreen Ln – Medical unit near area shoveling snow advising male who is drunk and was driving vehicle has stopped in front of location – still in vehicle – dark-colored SUV – requesting deputies – subject was located asleep in the driver seat of a vehicle blocking lanes – upon contact with the male, he awoke and attempted to drive away – witnesses stopped the male from driving – deputies arrived and located the male in the driver seat – the male has slurred speech, the odor of alcohol and an unsteady gait – due to his unsteady gait, field sobriety tests could not be conducted safely – test results were 0.367 and 0.381 blood alcohol content – suspect was arrested and transported to CDC for booking

 March 19, 2023

CRL (UL Sale of Speed) Wildrose Ln – Limited report

CED (P/M/S Danger Weapon) N State Hwy 173 – Limited report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr – CHP transfer – RP and male who was supposed to do work for RP were arguing 10-15 minutes ago reference money worker wanted to be paid – told RP to watch his back and “I’m going to get you in your sleep” – made a symbol with hand like a gun – RP states male is in a gang from Los Angeles – negative weapons seen – RP states male knows where RP is staying – is concerned for his safety – male goes by Rudy – unknown last name – RP requesting deputy for contact – states he will be parked across the street from McDonalds – RP calling back to advise a Hispanic male adult threatened to shoot him in his sleep – male claiming to be a gang member in Los Angeles – male is walking toward the 7-Eleven on Lake Dr – male hid his backpack in the residence across from Sleepy Hollow where he claimed he had a gun – during a call for service, a subject was found to have an active no-bail warrant – suspect arrested, transported and booked into CDC without incident

LAA (Domestic Battery) N Old Toll Rd – Deputies were just out – fighting in background – wife yelling in the background – female yelling at RP that he woke her up – wife following RP upstairs – wife assaulting RP – RP has scratches on his arms – making derogatory comments toward RP – declined medical – RP is a fireman – also threw an object at him, but is not injured – requesting intake to stay on the line – intake asked female to stay away from RP – female asked RP to get out of her house – RP recorded her – RP upstairs and wife now downstairs – weapons are secured – are in a safe – safe is downstairs on the bottom floor – CHP transfer – RP disconnected on transfer – attempting call back – no answer – front door is open – deputies can enter – suspect arrested – transported and booked at CDC

CED (P/M/S Danger Weapon) Lyon Dr – Text states Lyon Dr, Cedar Glen – robbery and vandalism in progress – man has a machete – slashed tires and attacked owner’s dogs – owner hiding in residence – emergency – another text states “don’t call. I don’t want him to hear the phone” – phone history for the last 90 days – RP states “I’m now hiding in my truck but he slashed my tires” – RP’s vehicle is silver, lifted F150 – RP states “I think he is still in house and I got one dog out but two more inside and he attacked them” – male possibly on fentanyl – unknown other weapons besides the machete – per RP, male arrived on foot – states “he was out with (name given) who vandalized my home weeks ago and he arrived on foot” – RP states “he’s my boyfriend, stays here often but does not reside here” – RP confirmed her name – when asked if male was still inside, RP states “someone was downstairs in my garage, could see shadow on cameras” – parole violation – she states she never saw him leave via front door – RP has not responded in six minutes via text – arrest made


March 20, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Tow Authority) Bear Springs Rd/Peak Spur Ln – Vehicle towed for blocking road – vehicle was left on the roadway and blocked northbound travel – vehicle was encased in snow berm – vehicle registration expired as of 2020 – teletype sent

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Lost Property) Davos Dr – RP’s CCW registration paperwork is missing – unknown where it went – RP wants to make a report of the incident

LAA (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Arrowhead Villa Rd – No criminal findings

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) N Brentwood Dr – RP advising everything was cleaned out of her wallet – RP believes the subject is a homeless woman she had over for dinner and let spend the night – subject is not there now – advising she had about $80 in her wallet – multiple items missing from RP’s bag, including debit card and cash – RP believed known subject stole her property – RP en route to Bank of America for bank statements and to block card – unknown if card has been used – subject is homeless – report taken for documentation

RSP (Domestic Battery) Circle View Dr – Third-hand information from mother – sister and husband are fighting – husband is drunk – RP attempting to confirm address – sister’s husband is a firefighter – weapons in residence – should be in a safe – sister’s husband was possibly also hitting his children – 10 years old and 6 years old – negative pets at residence – RP’s mother is not at location either – is in San Bernardino – they have no further information – medical will be advised – arrest made


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