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Apr 12, 2023 | County

March 21, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Springy Path – Limited report – arrest made

FON (Courtesy Report) Merrill Ave – RP’s son, age 38, was taken via ambulance from Mountains Community Hospital on Sunday night to the Merrill Center – unbeknownst to RP that is a 24-hour facility – they said they would release him or transfer him after 24 hours – they won’t release any other information – calls to facilities in Fontana have not been successful – unable to locate subject – RP is staying with someone in Lake Arrowhead – subject advised her family had not heard from her son since 3/18/23 – son was visiting Lake Arrowhead from Montana – he was staying with his aunt – on 3/19/23, son had a bipolar breakdown – was taken to Mountains Community – the staff at the hospital told subject that son had been transported to the crisis stabilization unit in Fontana – subject called the crisis stabilization unit; however, they refused to provide any information regarding son – subject requested a missing person report – subject provided deputy with multiple photographs of son – spoke to unit clerk who confirmed son had been admitted and discharged on Sunday, 3/19/23 – courtesy report taken


March 22, 2023

 CRL (Follow Up) Crest Forest Dr – No report

BLU (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Rim of the World Dr – No report

TPK (Follow Up) State Hwy 138 – Will need to do additional follow-up – reference has little to no information

RSP (Death Investigation) Poplar Dr – Fire en route – possible 54-year-old deceased male – found on the floor on his knees – not breathing

LAA (Assault) Arbon Ln – CRP’s 22-year-old son was assaulted by the neighbor – neighbor hit son with the shovel – son does not need medical attention – RP’s son and husband are still outside recording – male threatened to assault RP’s son since the last snowstorm occurred – unknown if neighbor is drunk/high – neighbor is now pushing his body into another neighbor – still has the shovel in his hand – neighbor thinks it’s RP’s family’s fault the snowplow can’t make it up there – RP’s son has everything on video – lots of fighting between several neighbors in the background – subject is now walking away – he grabbed a shovel full of snow and threw it at another neighbor’s face – subject keeps saying deputies aren’t going to show up – intake advised to have her family separate for safety – subject went back to his residence – everyone is separated now – RP now advising she doesn’t know if the shovel actually made contact with her son’s face or if it was just the snow


March 23, 2023

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report


March 24, 2023

CRL (Follow Up) Wylerhorn Dr – Deputy spoke with subject at the residence reference the referral

CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) North Rd/Lake Gregory Dr – Vehicle stopped for traffic violation – driver found to be on felony probation – during a search of his person and vehicle, found what appeared to be methamphetamine, black prescription scripts and had a suspended driver’s license – suspect was booked into CDC

VOE (Death Investigation) Valley of Enchantment Mobile Home Park – Thinks mother passed away – hard to understand RP – transfer to medical – male yelling at medical – said he called twice – yesterday and the day before – told them she needed help – now she is dead – he is suing them – mother is 64 years old – medical refused to take mother because she couldn’t walk – RP tried to pour water down mother’s throat – she did not move – requesting to disconnect – needs to call stepfather – medical disconnected


March 25, 2023

RSP (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Whispering Pines Dr – No report

CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Hillcrest Dr – Limited report

CED (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Lyon Dr – Will attempt contact at a later time

RIM (Follow Up) Lakeview Dr – Will make contact at a later time

LAA (Assault) Sequoia Dr – CHP transfer – occurred 40 minutes ago – RP’s neighbor became argumentative with him after RP asked him to move his vehicle – neighbor grabbed RP by the face and pushed him out of the way – neighbor was physical with multiple people – per RP, neighbor saying “if this turns into a bigger problem and you have your big homie come over here, I have a weapon and I will use it” – both parties involved in dispute over parking due to snow – subject 1 has slight redness to his neck and a ripped sweatshirt – subject 2 stated it was not physical – both parties desired prosecution and signed citizen’s arrest forms – suspect was issued a  citation for assault

LAA (Lost Property) Oakwood Dr – In February, subjects stole from RP’s Airbnb – RP is in an Audi SUV at the station

VOE (Theft by Fraud) Valley Rd – Occurred 3/15/23 – someone stole a check that RP sent out for bills – RP discovered a fraudulent check made out to unknown male for approximately $1,000 this morning


March 26, 2023

CRL (Tow Request) Lake Gregory Dr/Outer Lake Gregory Dr – Vehicle was stopped for no license plate – driver cited for violation and no registration – driver grabbed all belongings of value – teletype sent for the towed stored vehicle

VOE (Elderly Abuse) Brookside Rd – RP’s daughter is at the location – RP has a restraining order against her – subject is not known to carry weapons – known drug user – arrest made

CED (Miscellaneous Incident) Oak Ter – RP’s ex works at bar at location – advising he went to location to drop off their daughter’s backpack – their daughter came outside to retrieve it – RP upset that mother of child has juvenile in bar environment at work with her – RP is no longer at location – wants units to check on daughter and make sure she is OK – requesting phone contact also – deputy spoke to RP reference 10-year-old daughter being at a restaurant/bar – RP concerned for minor being at bar – spoke to mother of child – stated daughter was there less than one hour while she awaited relief from work – at time of deputy contact, child was at home asleep in bed – nothing criminal


March 27, 2023

CRL (Miscellaneous Incident) Moon Dr – RP has three vehicles to report as stolen – RP in her silver Toyota in back parking lot of station – report taken for documentation

GVL (DUI Over .08%) Green Valley Lake Rd – CHP requesting assistance with solo vehicle traffic collision – states vehicle is on its side – both CHP units are extended from CDC – will be unknown color Toyota Sequoia – involved party called Don’s Towing – CHP attempting to reach involved party for more information – driver involved in single vehicle crash – vehicle rolled onto its side after being driven up a snowbank – driver smelled of alcohol, had an unsteady gait and admitted to drinking alcohol – field sobriety tests conducted – chemical breath test 0.18% blood alcohol content – arrest made – pre-booking medical check at ARMC – booked at CDC – teletype sent for tow



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