Sheriff’s Log April 20, 2023

Apr 20, 2023 | County

April 20, 2023 Edition

March 28, 2023

CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Dorn Dr – No report

CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Darfo Ct – No report

TPK (Registrant Register) Twin Peaks Station – No report


March 29, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Contacted suspect in the Crestline McDonald’s parking lot – suspect slept in his vehicle which had maintenance issues – suspect lives in Cedar Glen – would move vehicle in the morning – due to weather and calls, suspect was cite released in field for warrants – suspect signed – was provided a copy


March 30, 2023

CRL (Assault) Lake Dr – No report

CPP (Keeping of Property) Nardi Ln – Gun return – limited report

CRL (Vandalism) Edelweiss Dr – Brother and father are fighting again – negative on weapons – both are outside at this time – arrest made


March 31, 2023

CRL (Follow Up) Lake Dr – No report

CRL (Violation DVRO) Lakeview Dr – Restraining order on stepson – stepson’s vehicle drove past location with a different driver and stepson hanging out the window yelling and screaming at RP – occurred one minute ago – vehicle last seen heading toward Cresta – priors to incident location – arrest made

CRL (Disturbance) Wylerhorn Dr – CHP transfer – male and female fighting two doors to the left – RP heard a gunshot and a male say “you just shot me” – RP advising he does not know the subjects – RP cannot see description of anyone – can only hear the fighting – RP says location will be his weekend cabin – he is not there often – not familiar with the area or neighbors – intake advising medical – just a single shot heard 10 minutes ago – medical staging – location will be RP’s address – will be two houses to the left – no current fighting as of two minutes ago – priors to location – verbal arguing between boyfriend/girlfriend and neighbor – RP was concerned for her safety – involved male was gone on deputy arrival – firearms taken for safekeeping – teletype entered


April 1, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Springwater Rd – Suspect arrested on his warrants – he was cite released in the field


April 2, 2023

CRL (Driving W/O License) Geneva Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Vehicle stopped for missing license plate – driver advised his driver’s license was expired – records check showed suspect was in violation of driving without a license – he was issued a citation and given a copy – his girlfriend had a valid driver’s license – drove the vehicle home

CRL (Possession for Sales) Lake Dr – RP advising there is a male subject who is attempting to get inside – attempting to get further – RP trying to confirm location – giving intake mixed address – subject will be a white male adult in white shirt and dark pants – will be in a white pickup truck – vehicle will not have license plate – subject was banging on windows – yelling and cursing – unknown if drunk/high – negative weapons seen – RP advising male is inside vehicle and honking horn – message from intake – RP describing subject as having a mental issue – male outside location – subject is now back in front of location – banging on the glass windows – intake can hear him cursing – RP now advising that there will be a total of two white males – subject 2 last seen wearing a dark shirt – both subjects wandered away – unknown where in the parking lot they went – RP advising deputies are speaking to male – suspect was arrested by CHP – vehicle towed – teletype sent

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Straight Way – Suspect issued citation for outstanding warrants – issued new court date of 7/17/23 – teletype sent

VOE (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Valley Rd/S State Hwy 138 – Vehicle stopped for registration – a records check showed driver was in violation – suspect was issued a citation and given a copy – vehicle was parked in a dirt driveway on Valley Rd

VOE (Assault) Waters Dr – Occurred just now – RP states he was just assaulted with a knife – will be two men – possibly neighbors – believes one will be “Jason” – two subjects are still on scene with a dog – RP states negative injuries – declining medical – RP states that business will be the scene – RP cannot go inside – subjects leaving westbound on Waters in vehicle – RP and two unknown males began fighting in front of the VOE laundromat – RP stated the males were surrounding him – one of the males swung and knocked the phone out of RP’s hand – area check conducted for subjects, but was unable to locate – RP wanted to press charges on unknown male

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Valley View Dr – No report – arrest made

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Dr/Springwater Rd – No report

CRL (Paraphernalia) Friendly Ln – Suspect contacted during a knock and talk – found to be in possession of methamphetamine pipe – suspect issued citation for violation

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Manzanita Dr/Old Mill Rd – Suspect stopped for her active warrant – she was cite released at the scene

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Crest Forest Dr/Skyland Dr – Suspect was cite released on his warrant – teletype sent

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Friendly Ln/Pioneer Camp Rd – Suspect issued citation for outstanding warrants – issued new court date of 7/18/23

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Pioneer Camp Rd/Shady Ln – Suspect issued citation for outstanding warrant – issued new court date of 7/18/23 – teletype sent

CRL (Grand Theft Auto Recovery) Nestal Ct/Lake Gregory Dr – On north side of the street – RP states there has been an abandoned blue or silver vehicle that was covered in snow – has been there since the snowstorm – will have the windows cracked open – vehicle is listed as brown Honda Accord – vehicle check found vehicle was stolen out of Fontana – due to open windows and recent storm, no evidence was recovered – registered owner took possession of vehicle – teletype sent


April 3, 2023

CRL (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Arosa Dr – Subjects not home according to subject’s son – unknown where they went or when they will return – will follow up at a later time

CRL (Commercial Burglary) Lake Drive Hardware – Last night, unknown subject(s) broke into the upstairs part of the location from the side building – door is broken off hinge – gardening tools are stored up there – unknown what is missing – on Monday, 4/3/23 at about 12:00 p.m., manager noticed there was a shoe impression on the door to the second floor – opened the door and discovered there were signs of forced entry due to the molding of the door being partially broken – did not know what specific items were missing – Ace Hardware store recently received a shipment of new Stihl tools – the packaged tools covered a majority of the second floor hallway – stated it was obvious there were tools missing; however, would not know which specific tools were missing until an inventory was conducted – pending follow up

TPK (Found Property) Twin Peaks Station – Wallet taken and placed into a secured evidence locker at the Twin Peaks station for safekeeping

TPK (Follow Up) Twin Peaks Station – Spoke to subject via phone – she advised she will be available Tuesday, 4/4/23 at her residence sometime around 4:00 p.m. – pending follow up

BLU (Adult Protective Services Follow Up) Inspiration Dr – No report

TPK (Miscellaneous Incident) Twin Peaks Station – Asking for phone contact only – she’s not at the station – did not want to give her address – RP was left voicemail from subject – subject saying he’s from San Bernardino County Sheriff’s citation department – gave phone number for RP to call him back on – incident occurred on Saturday

VOE (Grand Theft Auto) Valley of Enchantment Mobile Home Park – RP’s vehicle stolen from incident location – vehicle was last seen Friday or Saturday – no one had permission to drive vehicle – vehicle stolen from location sometime after Friday, 3/31/23 – no suspect leads – teletype sent



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