Poetry slam continues to excite

Oct 6, 2022 | Arts & Culture

Sitting in a circle at Stone Hearth at Akasha, poetry is shared and enjoyed during the poetry slams held once a month.

Poetry slam continues to excite
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Another poetry slam was held at Stone Hearth at Akasha in Crestline on the last Saturday of September. The attendees agreed it was so wonderful that another one is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 29. Anyone is welcome to join in this free poetry reading and sharing event.
Fourteen attended the Sept. 24 event, some bringing their own poems to share, others bringing their favorite poem to read, and still, others creating freeform poetry on the spot, as in a rap.
The excitement can run very high at these events. This is a fun evening event with some music, light food, some wine, and craft beer supplied by Akasha, while some of the frequent attendees brought some special food to share, along with their poetry. The seating is generic and changes each time from an audience and presenter, to an appreciative circle or several clusters of poets.
Most poetry slam sessions last about one-and-a-half hours; the longest poetry slam was three hours because the poets kept wanting to share more and more with each other and they got excited about the other attendees and wanted their reactions. Some searched their cell phones for additional poems to share, they were enjoying themselves so much.
The poems can be short, very short, or very long. After a poem is read, they often discuss what it means or how the poem makes them feel, or question the point or purpose of the poem. Many opinions are shared and many different conclusions are found to have validity. No one answer is always the right interpretation for any poem.
“There are no rules on topics, nor language prohibitions; all subjects are welcome to explore, nothing is off limits, so topics sometimes have been mature in their themes,” said Akasha owner Gunnar Jorgenson. “We welcome anyone from our diverse mountain communities or visitors to attend.”
Some of the poetry topics already shared include love, hate, prejudice, coal miners’ wives, America, food, travel, and much more. It has been likened to the Beat Generation when Beatniks gathered at the underground coffee houses of that era, sharing their poetry, although the snapping of fingers in appreciation has not been heard at these poetry slams…yet. Afterward, they often go over to the Bear Claw as a group to relax.
Stone Hearth at Akasha is located next door to the McDonald’s Restaurant at 24060 Lake Drive in Crestline. The next poetry slam will be on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 7 p.m.; all are welcome to drop in and bring a poem, or just come in and enjoy the ones being shared by others.


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