The Name Game

Oct 27, 2022 | Uncle Mott

Mountain Musings with Uncle Mott
The Name Game

How would you like to play a little game? Thank you, I knew you would. After all this media talk about mass shooting incidents, high gas prices, global warming and being on the brink of World War III, it’s about time we have a little fun and frivolity, so here we go. This is a little game I like to call “The Name Game.”
Come on everybody, I say now let’s play a game. I betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody’s name. The first letter of the name I treat it like it wasn’t there, but a “B” or an “F” or an”M” will appear, and then I say “Bo-na-na fanna”. And then I say the name again with an “I” very plain. Then “fee”fi and a “mo.” And then I say the name again with an “M” this time. And there isn’t any name that I can’t rhyme.
Okay, folks, here we go:
Shirley! Shirley, Shirley Bo-ber-ley, Bo-na-na fana Fo-fer-ley. Fee-fi-mo-mer-ley. Shirley! Lincoln, Lincoln, bo-bin-coin. Bo-na-na fanna, fo-fin-coin. Fee-fi-mo-min-coin. Lincoln! (The Name Game – Shirley Ellis – 1964)
I know what you’re thinking – this song sounds a little strange, but it was a big hit back in ’64. So, hold onto your wigs, here’s some names to fool around with:
Does Tom Cruise?… I don’t know, you’d have to ask him. I hear he has a bunker at the Scientology headquarters in Crestline. Is Kevin spacey? Is Rich little? Is Megan Thee a stallion? Is Emma stone? Is John a legend? Is Olivia wild? Was Oscar wild? Does Chevy chase? Does Demi love Otto? Is Taylor swift?… Heck yeah!; Was Larry king?
Now for some rock ‘n roll stars: Is Bruno from Mars?; Does Eminem like M&Ms?…who doesn’t? Does Stevie wonder? Did Jumping Jack flash? Was Sid vicious? Is Eric a burden? Was Tom petty? Not at all, I sure miss Tom. Was Joe a strummer? He believe he was a punk. Was Johnny rotten?…apparently. Does Robert plant? did David wait? Is Neil young?… No, not really. Is Al green? Don’t think so. Did Iggy pop? Does John Mellen camp? Not sure, but I bet he’d like to glamp at Crestline’s Camp Switzerland when it opens. Is Debby hairy… probably not. Is Grace slick?… Definitely! Is Al weird?… pretty much.
Now, let’s do some more names: Everybody do Tony. Tony, Tony, bo-bo-ney. Bo-na-na- fanna, fo-fo-ney, fee-fi-mo-mo-ney. Tony! Pretty good, let’s do Billy! Billy, Billy, bo-gil-ly. Bo-na-na, fanna, fo-fil-ly. Fee-fi-mo-mil-ly. Fee-fi-mo-mil-ly. Billy! Very good, let’s do Marsha! Marsha, Marsha, bo-bar-sha. Bo-na-na, fanna, fo-far-sha. Fee-fi-mo-ar-sha. Marsha! A little trick with Nick! Nick, Nick, bo-bick. Bo-na-na, fanna fo fick. Fee-fi-mo-mick. Nick! The Name Game. Very nice, now you try it: Shirley Ellis, “The Name Game,”
Keep it flyin’,
Uncle Mott


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