Marching Scots take first place

Nov 10, 2022 | Education

The Rim of the World Marching Scots marching to first place in Anaheim.

The pride and joy show on the faces of the Marching Scots as they indicate how they placed in Anaheim.

(Photos courtesy of Kari Stebbing)

Marching Scots take first place

When the Rim of the World Marching Scots went to Anaheim to participate in the parade hosted by Loara High School on Oct. 29, they were hoping to score “at least a little better than in our last parade,” said Kari Stebbing, the music director at Rim of the World High School.
There were 64 bands in attendance at the parade. The Rim musicians participated in the parade band review portion of the event and later watched the field show competition.
“After a short march,” Stebbing said, “we spent roughly four hours in the hot sunny stadium waiting for the awards ceremony. Our drum major, David Anderson, joined me down on the field with faint hopes we scored well.”
David, Stebbing noted, “has a lot of passion for his fellow students and was desperately worried that we would be disappointed in his performance.
“It was a great delight and surprise to us all that they announced the Rim of the World Marching Scots as having been awarded first place!!” Stebbing said. “David marched out proudly to the insane cheering of our band to receive the trophy. In a sea of hundreds of students, our 19 band kids cheered the loudest of them all.
“This is the first time in a decade that our Marching Scots have achieved first place! We are so very excited!”
The Alpine Mountaineer congratulates Kari Stebbing and the Rim of the World Marching Scots on their tremendous achievement.


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