Dear Sidney

Dec 15, 2022 | Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,

I was at an event recently that had an Angel Wish Tree for the mountain foster kids. As I was leaving, I noticed just one gift card left so I took it! It was a boy, 16, who wants a laptop, video editing software, VR headset, Nintendo Lite, an electric scooter, clothes and gift cards!
We have 14 grandchildren that my husband keeps me at a $200 limit on.
Do I just give this guy a $200 gift card because everything else is over my budget?
Wondering What To Do in Crestline

Dear Wondering,
Your generosity melts my heart. Do you unselfishly spend $200 on each of your 14 grandchildren? Or does your miserly Scrooge of a husband expect you to buy 14 gifts priced no higher than $14.28 each?
I will go with the assumption that Grandpa and Grandma have big hearts and a big wallet. You are blessed.
Oh, dear, kids today expect so much. As a youngster with a Dad, Mom and siblings, I remember the thrill of finding an orange at the bottom of my stocking! However, this greedy teenager is an orphan. He’s written out his Christmas wish list and he is fortunate that it was you that now has the list. This is truly a Christmas miracle for the dear boy.
In the spirit of putting Christ back into Christmas—for it is better to give than to receive—perhaps a $200 Visa gift card would certainly be the right answer for you and shouldn’t ruffle your husband’s humbug feathers out of whack.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight.

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