‘How Money Works’ introduced to mountain communities

Dec 15, 2022 | Features

How Money Works: The “How Money Works” introductory seminar was led by Rose Macias at Designed by Faith. (Photo by Rhea-Frances Tetley)

‘How Money Works’ introduced to mountain communities

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The grand opening and open house of the “How Money Works” program, located in the Designed by Faith gift store and office on Lake Drive, had a full house of local residents listening to an introductory seminar on financial literacy and the way to not only build their wealth, and become financially independent, but also ways to keep funds and enjoy their life.
There were several presenters at the seminar including locals Rose Macias and Vickie Vargas. A free 120-page booklet was given to those who attended. It gives a step-by-step template to analyze how people already spend money and whether it will fulfill their future plans. It also includes the steps to preserving the wealth they’ve already earned so that, as a senior, they will not run out of money before they run out of the excitement of living.
Coming up from Ontario in the fog, Lester and Kirstin Barron told how the program had assisted them in growing their funds from being college students to becoming financially secure. At the end of the open house each person filled out a response card on financial needs and wants.
“We’re here and can help with a personal approach to becoming financially independent,” said Vargas. She has dedicated half of her gift and antique shop at 23798 Lake Drive to the “How Money Works” project, headed by her daughter Rose Macias. “I found the support from the community to be awesome, as we try to make a difference in the financial literacy mind set for our town. Stop by the shop if you have any questions on this fantastic approach to living.”
Anyone may contact Macias at (909) 567-9667 to make an appointment for a face-to-face meeting, since it is a personal approach to finances, or it can be done though Zoom meetings, if preferred. They want the town to thrive with community members who are financially knowledgeable, secure and know how to plan for their futures too.
These free presentations on this new way of thinking about money have been given to the Rotary and the Crest Forest seniors clubs, and they want to give this introduction to those aged 16 and above as they begin their lives.
“It is especially beneficial to learn these ways of thinking about money and financial techniques before any major life changing episode occurs so you can weather any life changes in a financially secure way while building wealth. I hope to have a group conference on this idea for a small group of recent widows, as I know it will change their lives for the better,” added Vargas.
For more information, go into Designed by Faith, located on Lake drive next to Higher Grounds Coffee House in Crestline, and speak with Macias or Vargas, call them or ask to read the handbook from the Heartland Institute of Financial Education which provides a “fun and insightful way to achieving financial wellness.”


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