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Jan 26, 2023 | Communities

how money works


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A How Money Works presentation for women was held at the Lake Gregory Yacht Club on Thursday, Jan. 19. This focused seminar pointed out how women are often financially uninformed about how to create, use and grow the money they do make.

The event demonstrated that women have, in the past, not been well educated on money and finances and how to use it for their security and benefit. Many examples were given of how generally it was assumed in the past decades that women would just allow their husbands to manage their money and then, when deaths and divorces occurred, the women may have been left without the resources to continue living at their current lifestyle level.

Rose Macias led the presentation on ways for women to be aware of the differences between financial controllers who will take over finances and financial advisors who allow women to have control of their money for their own financial survival. Many statistics were given explaining that, because women generally outlive men, they only make 80 percent of a man’s wages and usually have fewer years of employment due to having children, so it results in the situation that they are not in a strong financial position when retirement age arrives.

Few women have considered that the investments of those funds they did make would enable them to be as financially stable as a man when retirement age does arrive. Many women end up continuing working, sometimes in an uncompensated caregiver capacity, their whole lives and never see retirement.

How Money Works is a national program that provides ways for women to analyze their financial positions from a knowledgeable point of view and gives them techniques to become financially stable and independent. The program also works for men.

By being financially literate, women can prepare for financial survival when life situations change. How Money Works is a book and a series of techniques enabling anyone to become knowledgeable about money and to become aware of how money can be used by an individual or couple to create stability in a life. There are ways to use money to benefit yourself and secure your financial future, and this program leads people to find their own pathways intelligently.

How Money Works uses an educational book, illustrated with questions to make you aware of how you currently think about money and how to set your financial goals. It’s a good basic finance book to understand more about personal finance and economy. The book helps you understand basic economics and personal finance.

You can learn more about How Money Works by contacting Rose Macias, who is the manager at the How Money Works learning center, which is located at 23798 Lake Drive, behind Designed by Faith. You can make an appointment to meet with Macias and learn more at (909) 782-1881. Similar seminars can be led on How Money Works for men, for seniors, for teens and for young and middle-aged couples.

how money works

How Money Works:

Rose Macias led the seminar on How Money Works for Women last week at the Lake Gregory Yacht Club. (Photo by Rhea-Frances Tetley)


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