Rebuilding Day

Feb 2, 2023 | Communities

rebuilding day 4

rebuilding day 4

rebuilding day 4

A volunteer paints a house at a previous Rebuilding Day. This year’s event is set for April 29. (File photo)

Get ready for Rebuilding Day

By Timothy Clarke
Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

Congratulations to the community of building contractors and community volunteers for stepping up and filling all the house captain and non-trade coordinator positions!
We can now start the organization and logistical process to ensure a successful Rebuilding Day for our mountain communities. A robust community volunteer network is coalescing. We need you to sign up your groups, family members, church groups, corporate teams and individuals to be the powerhouse behind the spirt of giving to others on Rebuilding Day, April 29.
Rebuilding Day is the signature event of the year where we all get to help our neighbors in need stay warm, safe and dry in their own homes with a day of donated labor from all involved and material supplied by Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities.
In addition to that one day, there is a larger program of emergency repairs that performs repairs year around by using paid contractor services funded by RTMC. This program of emergency repairs helps about six times the number of homeowners each year as are helped on Rebuilding Day at a substantially greater cost.
You know what is coming: a request for donations. Like all nonprofits, we need funds to continue each year as we enter our 30th year. So, dust off those checkbooks and give what you can. Remember – the amount isn’t as important as the act of giving.
For sign-up information and/or donation information, contact us at: RTMC, P.O. Box 3540, Blue Jay, CA 92317 or (909) 336-3910.


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