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Feb 2, 2023 | Features, Uncle Mott

Mountain Musings with Uncle Mott

Lost Another One

A few weeks ago we lost Jeff Beck and Lisa Marie Presley and now David Crosby has taken that long journey away from Planet Earth, over to the other side of the Universe. I pray it was a safe journey for “Cos,” as he was known by many of his associates and admirers.
Yes, Cos had a checkered past with many demons in his closet, but he was one heck of a musician, first with The Byrds, then Crosby, Stills & Nash and, sometimes, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Then there were his solo albums and albums he recorded with Graham Nash, who several years ago penned a song about the continuing loss of great musicians and artists…it goes like this.
Just another morning cup of tea, I turn my radio on and in between the static and the headlines, I heard that you were gone, we lost another one. There was a time we thought we were invincible, that we’d go on and on and on and all along. We’d thought we’d do another show and write another song, but I guess we’ve lost another one, let it slip away. (“Lost Another One” – Graham Nash – 2002)
I’ve been to many Crosby, Stills and Nash, and sometimes Neil Young, concerts over the years and have actually bumped into and chatted with both Stephen Stills and Neil Young. In the first instance, about 30 years ago, my oldest boy and I traveled to The Coach House nightclub in San Juan Capistrano to have dinner and listen to Stephen Stills.
Before the dinner and show began, Stephen had just finished a sound check and came outside and greeted us. We chatted about Crosby’s recovery from a recent motorcycle crash. He was quite pleased when my son said his favorite song was “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield song written and sung by Stephen Stills).
Despite having reservations for dinner, when it came time to go inside, the host insisted that we had no reservation. Overhearing this conversation, Stills wrapped his arms around us and said we were his friends. The host promptly led us to a table in front of the stage. Halfway through his set, Stephen announced that the next song was for his little friend (my son).
A few years later, at the Further Festival at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, we ran into Neil Young, who was a major stockholder in the Lionel Train company and was operating a huge model train exhibit. Neil even let me wear his engineer’s hat while I got to run the train around and around the setup.
Well, I seem to have strayed from my original topic. However, while I never met Cos, I’ve been mistaken for him twice. The first time was many moons ago while hiking in Yosemite. I guess it was because I was “letting my freak flag fly” (long hair). The next time was a few years ago at Goodwin’s Market.
Anyway, condolences to the late, great David Crosby.
Breaking all the silver threads that hold you to your dreams, one day they’ll fall, and you’ll fly away.
Keep it flyin’,
Uncle Mott


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