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Mar 1, 2023 | County, Government

Supervisor Dawn Rowe updated Rotarians on several county issues at the Feb. 22 meeting.

Just in time for Snowmageddon, Supervisor Dawn Rowe shared this county snow information.

By Mary-Justine Lanyon

With the weather forecasts projecting more snow than this mountain has seen in a long time, it was timely that Supervisor Dawn Rowe shared snow information from county Public Works.

“We’ve gotten a lot of questions this week about snow removal and snow play,” the supervisor told members of the Mountain Sunrise Rotary Club at their Feb. 22 meeting, held on Zoom.

When there are two to three inches of snow on paved roads, the county crew will start to plow. (Editor’s note: Keep in mind that is for a more normal storm, not the Snowmageddon we have just experienced.)

“It’s frustrating,” Supervisor Rowe said, “to see everyone come up to play. They park in poorly chosen spots, sled and leave broken sleds behind. It is within the jurisdiction of the CHP to enforce the rules (on parking and snow play). They bumped the fine up to $150. Big Bear Lake is entertaining bumping is up to $500 after this snow season.

“This continues to be a problem for me and all of you,” she added.

She also shared the SeeClickFix app that Public Works is offering as an easy way to report problems like cars blocking snowplows, cindering requests, dead animals, flood control issues, graffiti, guardrail damage, potholes, tree issues and weed abatement, among others.

“Folks are enjoying using the app,” the supervisor said. “Ninety percent of people said they got potholes fixed or weeds abated from a neighbor’s property.”

To file a report or download the app, visit https://dpw.sbcounty.gov/operations/see-click-fix.

As for short-term rentals, Supervisor Rowe noted that the ordinance the board of supervisors put in place several years ago came back for revisions. “It’s impossible,” she said, “to eliminate the impact of STRs.” The question is how to mitigate their impact.

The board of supervisors has asked for a saturation study. “We know there’s an overabundance of STRs in Lake Arrowhead,” she said. “Some folks have found it’s a way to supplement their income. We have asked for the idea of putting a cap on the number to be studied. Land Use Services said they will bring on a consultant.”

Rowe added Land Use Services is supposed to report this March on whether they would recommend a cap. However, she suspects that report will be delayed and may be delivered in April or May. There will be, Supervisor Rowe said, a public meeting with their findings.

“I’m pleased to hear you say there will be a saturation study,” said Rotarian Mary Ann Dickinson. “I get the notices. I’m the only full-time resident in my area. My complaint is related to trash. Renters leave open bags. I’m constantly out there cleaning up. How do we get in touch with the owners if we don’t know them?”

Rowe’s answer was to send the addresses to her or Lewis Murray “so we can have Land Use Services send a letter about the trash complaints so it’s not your responsibility. It falls on us. We’ll be happy to cut through the red tape.”


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