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Mar 1, 2023 | County, Government

 February 7, 2023

CRL (Courtesy Report) Berne Dr – Interview conducted

CPP (Courtesy Report) Bone Dr – After speaking with the victim – the incident happened in Hemet in 2009 – courtesy report will be forwarded to Hemet PD

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Lake Dr/Forest Shade Rd – Vehicle was stopped for having a light out – driver was found to have a suspended license – driver was cite released in the field – driver removed all items of value from the vehicle – vehicle was towed – teletype sent for vehicle

CRL (Tow Authority) Crest Forest Dr/Valley View Dr – Vehicle was found to be expired since 2018 – vehicle towed

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Wildrose Ln/Lake Dr – Vehicle was stopped for registration – driver was cite released for an active warrant – driver was also found to have a suspended license – teletype sent for cite and tow – driver removed all items of value from vehicle

CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) Crestline Ctf/S State Hwy 138 – Vehicle was stopped for registration – during a pat down of suspect, he was found to have approximately 30 grams of methamphetamine – he was arrested for drug charges – booked at CDC – his vehicle was towed – teletype sent

February 8, 2023

LAA (Driving W/O License) Yosemite Dr/N State Hwy 173 – Vehicle stopped for light out – record’s check of suspect showed he was driving without a license – suspect issued a citation and released in the field – suspect’s father arrived and drove the vehicle

BLU (Grand Theft) S Old Toll Rd – Occurred overnight – catalytic convertor taken off vehicle – on 2/7/23 at about 2:30 p.m., victim parked her vehicle on the street in front of her residence – on 2/8/23 at about 5:50 a.m., victim started her vehicle – noticed it was extremely loud – victim located a hacksaw blade and metal parts near her vehicle – the catalytic converter was stolen from victim’s vehicle by unknown subject(s) – no surveillance in area

CED (Under Influence Drugs) South Ln – CHP transfer – female yelling in the background – address per RapidSOS – per CHP, female yelling about broken arm – dog barking in the background – not answering intake – female crying – possibly asking or telling someone to take her to the hospital – from previous phone history, RP possibly known – call disconnected – attempting call back – on two call backs, no answer – during contact, suspect admitted to using heroin and methamphetamine – displayed symptoms of being under the influence – arrested and booked at CDC

CRL (Grand Theft) Manzanita Dr – RP’s catalytic converter was stolen sometime last night – negative surveillance of the incident – between 2/7/23 at 11:00 p.m. and 2/8/23 at 10:00 a.m., unknown subject(s) stole RP’s catalytic converter to their Econo van – estimated cost to repair is $1,500 – vehicle was parked along the roadway – easily accessible from the street – negative video surveillance – second incident reported today

LAA (Found Narcotics) Golf Course Rd – RP said they received a FedEx package – inside was 10 pounds of marijuana – box weight is 41.9 pounds – box came from Northern California – RP has all the information on the person who sent it – marijuana taken to enter into Twin Peaks property for destruction per detective – photos will be entered into vault – RP received the package, along with another sent from her friend – possibly the label was duplicated by FedEx and original one was inside box and not seen

CRL (Grand Theft) Wylerhorn Dr – Catalytic converter stolen from RP’s work truck sometime last night – occurred at incident location – RP currently in Riverside – had to take vehicle with him to work – RP requesting phone contact – sometime between 4:00 p.m. on 2/7/23 and 5:15 a.m. on 2/8/23, unknown subject(s) stole the catalytic converter from the RP’s work truck belonging to Premier Electrical Contractors – 2022 white Toyota Tacoma was parked along Wylerhorn Dr outside the RP’s home – no motion was detected on the RP’s surveillance, but the area the truck was parked was well lit per RP – RP’s wife in the process of reviewing surveillance – RP does not have an estimate currently for cost of catalytic converter – RP provided deputy information to provide estimate and photos (currently out of town with the vehicle) – deputy will complete a follow-up with neighbors at location for any additional surveillance

February 9, 2023

LAA (Follow Up) Rainier Rd – Limited report

ARB (Grand Theft Auto) Hilltop Blvd/Willow Ln – Vehicle parked on northwest corner of Hilltop with no plates – records check of VIN revealed stolen vehicle – victim contacted and provided with towing information – vehicle towed – teletype sent

CPP (Possession Danger Drugs) Fernwood Dr/Glenwood Dr – Light out – contacted driver who had a non-issued driver’s license – passenger was also a non-issued driver’s license – open view in cup holder of a suspected baggie of methamphetamine – suspect arrested and transported to CDC – vehicle towed – teletype sent

CRL (488 Retail) Goodwin’s Market – Yesterday around 6:00 p.m., four bottles of Hennessey worth $50 each were taken from location – RP does have video surveillance of incident for deputies to see – on 2/2/23 at approximately 6:47 p.m., three unknown subjects entered Goodwin’s – stole four bottle of Hennessey liquor – estimated value of $200 total – video surveillance obtained – no leads at this time

CED (Death Investigation) Pineridge Dr – Address did not verify – RP is caretaker/friend of subject – RP hasn’t heard from him for three days – states he’s terminally ill with cancer – is concerned for his wellbeing – lives alone – requesting phone contact with dispatch – no signs of foul play – family notified – will arrange transportation

BLU (Grand Theft) State Hwy 189 – Around 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. yesterday morning, someone stole the catalytic converter off a company van – sometime in the morning of 2/8/23, possibly between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., unknown subject(s) stole the catalytic converter from Jensen’s delivery van – last driver of the van was employee who worked the bakery night shift – negative surveillance at Jensen’s – negative surrounding businesses – RP estimated $1,200 for catalytic converter replacement – was not provided contact information for employee – deputy provided RP deputy’s contact information to follow up with – employee can be contacted for statement

TPK (Found Property) La Casita Dr – RP found a small bedazzled case with driver’s license and Visa debit card – hard wallet with white rhinestones – California driver’s license, green Visa card, San Bernardino Superior Court appearance card with date of 2/21/23 – will enter into Twin Peaks property for safe keeping – will follow up for owner of driver’s license to contact

CRL (Miscellaneous Incident) Felsen Dr – RP has not been able to reach subject – son at location all day – son with his mother at location – juvenile has been sick – mother not answering RP’s texts or calls either – RP concerned mother left son home alone – RP wants to make sure they are safe – negative drinking/drugs at location – negative weapons – RP requesting phone call

February 10, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 18/Crest Forest Dr – Vehicle stopped for rear light violation – records check of driver showed suspect had an active warrant – suspect was issued cite and released – teletype sent

TPK (Petty Theft) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CRL (Burglary) Crest Forest Dr – RP is receiving notifications on his recently deceased father’s phone of fraudulent activity on some of the father’s accounts – on Facebook Marketplace, someone tried to get a key made for father’s vehicle and was sending money to other profiles – a Walmart order was placed, but was canceled – RP also received an Amazon order notification and denied it – RP is the only one with access to phone – does not have access to bank statements yet – RP will be at location for an hour and a half – lives in Elsinore – unknown subject(s) entered the residence through an unlocked kitchen window – incident occurred between 2/7/23 and 2/10/23 – approximately $700 worth of items stolen.

RSP (Domestic Battery) Encina Way – Secondhand information – RP states her sister was involved in a domestic dispute yesterday – unknown address in Arrowbear – niece speaks Spanish only – victim on the line – per Spanish translator – occurred yesterday afternoon – husband hit victim with hands and threatened her with knife – declined medical – per RP, ongoing issue – RP keeps talking to females in the background – seems like asking females for answers – husband uses drugs – crystal methamphetamine – husband took victim’s cell phone – RP is not answering translator calls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        February 11, 2023

CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) Friendly Ln/Pioneer Camp Rd – Conducted a pedestrian check on Friendly and Pioneer – subject was found to have an active warrant – during a pat down, deputy located a small amount of suspected methamphetamine – suspect was cite released for drug charge

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Skyland Dr – Suspect arrested on his warrants and booked at CDC

RSP (Assault) Highland Dr – RP and mother are fighting – mother refusing to leave RP’s residence – says mother is visiting – been at RP’s residence since yesterday – no one is drinking – no drugs – no weapons – mother went back into her bedroom – mother possibly on methamphetamine or fentanyl

LAA (Drunk in Public) Holiday Ln – White female adult at store lying on the floor, walking back and forth, singing and talking to herself – RP has asked her to leave – unknown drinking/drugs/weapons – suspect was found outside of a 7-Eleven – hiding under a blanket – she admitted to smoking weed, but could not answer simple questions – did not know how she got there – prior to deputy arrival, she was begging customers for food and money – was lying on the floor of the 7-Eleven – she refused to leave the store – was arrested for being drunk in public – she was booked at CDC without incident

TPK (Illegal Dump) North Rd – Six bags of garbage dumped on RP’s property – unknown when it occurred – RP believes they were left by male subject because there was mail inside the trash with male’s name on it – requesting deputy for report – six large trash bags left in the driveway/embankment hillside into the creek at North Rd in Twin Peaks – the victim started to clean up the mess – found letters/court paperwork with a subject’s name – turned those over to deputy – it is unknown if the named subject was involved in the illegal dumping

CRL (Grand Theft) Crest Forest Dr – RP’s catalytic converter was taken from RP’s vehicle either on Tuesday or Wednesday night – requesting deputy for report

CRL (Shoplifting) Lake Gregory Dr – RP has shoplifter in front office – says subject has done it before – took a bottle of whiskey – has video surveillance of incident

February 12, 2023

CRL (Driving W/O License) Lake Dr/Forest Shade Rd – Vehicle was stopped for no license plate and not wearing a seat belt – driver was found not to have a valid driver’s license – driver cite released – vehicle towed – teletype sent

LAA (Driving W/SUS/RV License) North Bay Rd/Peninsula Dr – Vehicle stopped for registration – records check showed suspect was driving on suspended or revoked license and was on felony probation – suspect was cite released – vehicle was towed

CRL (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Vehicle was stopped for registration – driver found not to have a valid driver’s license – driver was cite released – vehicle was towed – Don’s Towing towed the car – teletype sent

LAA (DUI Over .08%) West Shore Rd/High Knoll Rd – Deputy observed a vehicle driving north on North Bar Rd screech its tires around a corner driving faster than conditions would deem safe – deputy spoke to the driver who smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking – deputy conducted field sobriety tests – determined he was under the influence of alcohol – the male was arrested and booked at CDC – the vehicle was released to his father at the scene

CRL (Burglary) Crest Forest Dr – CHP transfer – residence was broken into sometime in the last week – RP has possible subject information – requesting deputy contact – RP will be standing by for contact – phone is not working – unable to call RP – RP allowed a female to stay at his residence for one night – female left key outside when she left the next day on Friday, 2/3/23 – RP noticed small items missing – asked female, who denied it – on Sunday, 2/5/23, RP’s cameras and power went out – RP stays down the hill – did not think anything suspicious was going on – today, RP arrived – noticed rear slider open – multiple cameras missing – had not heard or seen female since Friday, 2/3/23 – RP already moved and touched surfaces – RP will follow up with any additional information – teletype sent for Apple tablet

CRL (Crisis Intervention) Dart Canyon Rd – RP allowed male to stay with her, but male is off his medication and being violent toward others in the home – male refusing to go to the hospital – negative physical, but has been trying to start fights today – is currently sitting on the ground in the room – negative weapons in the house – negative injuries – negative drinking or drugs – RP will call back if anything changes before deputies arrive – poor phone connection – male going to a mental crisis – subject taken to the Winsor Center

February 13, 2023

TPK (Tow Authority) State Hwy 189 – Visual hazard – CHP 180 completed – Don’s Towing removed the hazard

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Crestline Ctf/S State Hwy 138 – Vehicle was stopped for window tint – driver was found to have an active warrant – subject was cite released for his warrant – teletype sent

BLU (Assault w/Weapon) Red car just rammed the deck of location – is still in driveway – RP can hear subjects yelling and arguing – RP thought the subject was trying to get inside the location prior to ramming it with the car – location to rear of Rim of the World High School – suspect lives at location – a female is screaming for help – RP advising location is a known drug dealer – RP heard a loud bang or slamming noise – RP was the only one involved in the incident – medical declined twice – possible drinking/drugs – negative weapons – RP had no further information – will provide deputies with surveillance footage of incident – will call back if brother-in-law returns

BLU (Vandalism) Meadow Dr – CHP had an open line – male heard saying “it’s going down” – possible fighting heard – RP says suspect is at her residence to kill her son who lives on the deck on RP’s property – voicemail on call back – RP says her son has the mind of an 8- or 9-year-old child because he suffered a stroke and heart attack – RP requesting phone contact – RP stating subject showed up again with a bat – RP out of breath – hard to understand – while on the line, states deputies arrived – RP refused medical – subject returned to residence and vandalized the residence – subject was gone before deputy arrival

CRL (Missing Person) Berne Dr – RP’s autistic and bipolar brother left incident location at approximately 7:00 p.m. – left on foot – unknown if he was wearing shoes – renting an Airbnb – doesn’t know the area – possibly walking toward San Bernardino – no phone – didn’t have anything with him when he left – not taking medicine – negative drinking/drugs – he was upset when he left – not suicidal – RP in black Acura sedan at station for contact – ReddiNet BOLO sent – follow up to be conducted by detective and deputies

CRL (Grand Theft) Kay Rd – RP’s catalytic converter was stolen between 2/7/23 and 2/8/23 – negative video footage

CRL (Felony Spouse Abuse) S State Hwy 138 – Male is beating up female – information is second hand – weapons in the home – boyfriend and girlfriend – subject and victim have been in a two-year dating relationship – victim has a restraining order against subject – victim went over to subject’s residence for an unknown reason – victim stated subject slapped victim in the face on her left eye, thus causing black and blue discoloring to victim’s eye – victim admitted to having two alcoholic beverages – subject had a bottle of alcohol – subject left the incident location before the deputies arrival – subject’s whereabouts are unknown at this time – victim declined medical


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