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Mar 8, 2023 | Communities

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The sign says it all.

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From baby food to soup to pasta, there was something for every taste and age at the food distribution in Twin Peaks.

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Sometimes all it takes is a bag of Cheetos!

By Mary-Justine Lanyon

Editor’s note: Across the mountain, throughout what we are calling SNOVID-23, neighbors could be seen helping their neighbors. Some trudged through snow to check on them and then shoveled a path. Others dug out cars. Still others made their way to the many food distributions taking place and took needed supplies to homebound friends. This is one example of the help that has been offered.

Early in the morning of Thursday, March 2, Twin Peaks resident Melissa Post got the word that every community would need a site where they could pick up food essentials.

“After eight days of not being able to even walk outside my own driveway, I knew my community of Twin Peaks wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere for weeks so a place to walk to for food support needed to happen.”

She sprang into action and donations began pouring in.

The food, Post said, came from communities down the mountain – “donations from all over. It’s been a community-supported effort,” she said. Post added that Associate Pastor Johnathan from Twin Peaks collected money and then went to Stater Bros. to buy food. Post herself raised $1,000 in one day; her husband used that money to purchase diapers and pet food.

On Saturday, March 4, 150 people walked to the Masonic Lodge on Highway 189 to take bags of food for themselves and for their neighbors. Many of those folks, Post said, came back to volunteer.

Those who came were given plastic bags so they could “shop” for the items they needed and were able to carry home.

“Please come by foot only,” Post had said in the notice that went out on the Twin Peaks Facebook page. “There is no place to park and it is extremely difficult to drive on the 189. The sheriff has asked us to make sure this a walk-up service only.”

Following that first day of distribution – it continued on March 6 and 7 – Post wrote that “every hour today unfolded into a community feeling they weren’t forgotten. Kids were fed. People still trapped had food walked to them. Pups were happy to get their dog food – and it goes on and on.”

Post added that, yes, there are many sites on the mountain where people can get food “but it’s important to know 80 percent of the Twin Peaks community cannot drive out of their driveways. Many are trapped still. This has been a humanitarian effort to get food into these families’ homes before the night ended.

Post said she plans to keep the food distribution site open as long as she can. “But I need help,” she said.

“I love everyone who is pouring love my way!”


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