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Mar 8, 2023 | County, Government

February 14, 2023

TPK (Miscellaneous Incident) Twin Peaks Station – No report

ARB (Warrant Arrest) Hilltop Blvd/Deer Lick Dr – Vehicle stopped for no lights on and expired registration – records check showed driver had two active warrants – suspect was cite released – teletype sent

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Manzanita Dr – CHP transfer – RP advising physical fight between four subjects – unknown drinking/drugs – subject 1 is a recovering user of methamphetamine – unknown if currently on anything – intake can hear fighting in background – three males are upstairs – RP with female downstairs – medical denied – does not believe subject 1 is going to cooperate with deputies – stating subject 1 is out of control – medical advised – will hold – RP believes subject 1 is looking at him – stating he is locked in the bathroom – advising he cannot talk to intake – female is currently downstairs in the room where RP is locked in the bathroom – all subjects are currently downstairs – RP still locked in the bathroom – RP confirmed negative weapons in the residence – believes subject 1 is currently outside – RP believes subject is inside by back door by the playground – RP advising subject 1 is outside where the vehicles are parked – possibly behind the chain-link fence – RP can see deputy – intake disconnected – suspect was verbally fighting with family members at the incident location – during the investigation, it was discovered suspect had an active no-bail warrant from LASO – suspect was arrested and booked on the warrant

RSP (CPS Follow Up) Running Springs School Rd – No report

BLU (Grand Theft CC) State Hwy 189 – RP’s catalytic converter was stolen sometime last night – RP has video surveillance – sometime between 2/7/23 at 6:30 p.m. and 2/13/23 at 8:30 a.m., two unknown subjects stole the catalytic converter out from under the victim’s vehicle – the victim estimates the total damages to be about $3,000 – there was no suspect information or descriptions – a report number was given to the victim for documentation purposes

LAA (Warrant Arrest) Buckingham Sq – Contacted suspect at residence – suspect was ill – cited for warrant – consent search on person and residence – no contraband – suspect signed cite and was provided a copy – teletype sent

CRL (Driving W/O License) Pioneer Camp Rd/Lake Dr – Vehicle stopped for registration – records check showed suspect was driving without a license – suspect issued citation – suspect’s friend had a valid driver’s license and drove the vehicle

February 15, 2023

CRL (Follow Up) Crest Forest Dr – Will need additional follow-up

LAA (Follow Up) North Bay Rd – Subject lives in Colton – unavailable for phone contact – follow up needed

RSP (Follow Up) Secret Dr – Will follow up for investigation at later date and time

RSP (Under Influence Drugs) Palo Alto Way/Encina Way – Information per comm center – anonymous female advising male named “Troy” is acting high – per the female, male is “messed up” – male is walking toward post office – requesting male be checked – medical will not be en route – suspect was contacted by deputies in response to call for service – during the contact, suspect had rapid speech, made comments with no basis in reality, constricted pupils and unable to stand still – during the investigation, a methamphetamine pipe was located in suspect’s pocket – suspect was arrested for drug charges

LAA (Domestic Battery) Arrowhead Village – Female crying – saying she was hit by an unknown male – female advising she doesn’t want to talk to intake – female screaming in the background – RP states female appears to be on drugs or drunk – female is on the third floor garage parking structure – sitting on the ground – RP did not see male half – female not giving any information – victim and her boyfriend were in the parking structure at the Lake Arrowhead Village – while seated in a red Dodge Ram truck, subject punched victim in the nose – had victim get out of the truck and left her at the parking structure – subject was gone in the red truck – victim was returned to her mother’s nearby home

BLU (Miscellaneous Incident) Oak Knoll Dr – RP’s girlfriend has her adult daughter staying there – RP just found out daughter is sneaking her juvenile boyfriend into the house and having sexual intercourse with him – RP does not want issues at his residence – does not want girlfriend’s daughter there – missing/runaway juvenile – report taken for documentation – RP advised of restraining order process

February 16, 2023

TPK (Lost Property) Twin Peaks Station – No report

CRL (Lost Property) Sunrise Way – RP lost his cell phone – has a landline to take phone call – sometime between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on 2/15/23, the RP lost his iPhone 14 in a black Otterbox case – phone possibly lost at 24 Hour Fitness when RP sat it down on a bench – RP checked back at the gym when he noticed it missing – it was not turned in – RP provided serial number for teletype, but could not sign into his Apple ID to possibly find location – RP says phone goes straight to voicemail, so possibly turned off – RP also had passcode and facial recognition on phone, so RP does not think someone would be able to access his phone’s information – RP instructed to contact law enforcement if phone’s location is shown

CRL (Death Investigation) Crest Forest Dr – Information from CHP – female advising she found neighbor not breathing on stairs – CHP transfer – RP advising possibly past help – CPR not in progress – prior calls from location

February 17, 2023

ARB (Miscellaneous Incident) Deer Lick Dr – RP is not at location – advising she was at location yesterday to visit grandson – father of grandson became aggressive with grandson due to him pushing his eggs down with a spatula – grabbed him by the face – believes issues have been going on for a while – RP’s daughter was not home during incident yesterday – father of child kicked RP out of the residence after incident – believes grandson is being sexually abused – stating grandson is currently having pain from his bottom – stating every time she goes to location, grandson has a new bruise – has seen knots on grandson prior and scratches on him – negative drugs/drinking – believes will have two guns inside the residence – possibly downstairs – RP will have pictures to provide – requesting phone contact – deputy spoke with RP via phone – RP expressed concern over injuries and statements made by her grandson – RP advised she has picture of injuries on grandson – will forward them to deputy – large dog in the home which hurts subjects – subjects were contacted at the residence – statements were obtained by involved parties

CRL (Commercial Burglary) N Dart Canyon Rd – RP’s storage unit was broken into – items are missing – RP will be waiting in the front of the storage facility – between December 2022 and now – miscellaneous items taken – none were identifiable – no video or witness

VOE (Elderly Abuse) Brookside Rd – Subject hit RP with a lamp – subject is outside – subject is on the porch talking to the wall – unknown if high/drunk – says her eyes look “weird” – unknown if she has weapons – says subject has a fanny pack – door was unlocked – subject opened the door, grabbed a lamp and went to hit RP with it – subject also grabbed RP – RP was able to block it, but has cuts and bruises – RP declined medical three times – doors are locked – subject sitting on porch – RP feels comfortable to disconnect with intake – advised to call back if anything changes – suspect went to jail for assaulting her elderly mother-in-law – suspect was transported and booked into CDC

February 18, 2023

LAA (Grand Theft) Lake Arrowhead Village – Hispanic male adult just stole over $1,000 worth of merchandise – left on foot – unknown direction – occurred less than five minutes ago – RP says they’ve been hit before – subjects are known to park by the gym and take off running from there – RP says they were pretty busy in the store – were unable to follow subject – at approximately 4:36 p.m., an unidentified Hispanic male was seen on surveillance cameras taking over $1,000 in merchandise from the Coach store and leaving without paying – male wore a red sweatshirt with a black fanny pack – Village Security footage and witness last saw the male run down a nearby staircase and leave in a vehicle – no vehicle description

ARB (Domestic Battery) Keller Dr – CHP transfer – RP’s husband is kicking her truck – upset reference them separating – RP’s parents at location also – husband also fighting with RP’s parents at location – negative weapons at location – negative drugs/drinking – male is now back inside the house saying he wants to leave, but RP will not let him take her vehicle – while driving on the 330 at approximately 4:30 p.m., subject hit the victim approximately two to three times with his hand – the victim suffered minor scratch to her left wrist – deputy contacted subject on the phone – he told the same story – subject was at the airport about to board a plane to Illinois

CRL (Under Influence Drugs) Edelweiss Dr – Male assaulted RP – attempting to get further – fighting heard in background – says child is in location – RP screaming – says male is intoxicated – RP is stating “no, you are not getting into car” – not answering intake – female screaming, “I can’t believe you just hit me” – male heard yelling in background – child in RP’s room – male broke down door – RP declined medical – negative weapons in house – female screaming “stop” at male  – male trying to get keys to Jeep – RP instructed to get child out – RP says she’s going to neighbor’s house to the left – male is not following them – will be the only neighbors – RP sees deputies – intake disconnecting – CHP transfer – suspect suspected of being under the influence – arrest made – suspect was transported and booked into CDC without incident

LAA (911 Harass) Palisades Dr – RP called 9-1-1 – said I do need EMS – hung up – calling back – prior calls – voicemail on call back – calling again – phone ringing – forward to voicemail – calling medical – medical en route – address via RapidSOS – nothing heard – voicemail on call back – RP requesting phone contact from deputy – RP received secondhand information brother was arrested on calling 9-1-1 to harass charges – upset he would be arrested for abusing 9-1-1 system – RP states she will take legal action if necessary

CRL (Grand Theft) San Moritz Dr – CHP transfer – RP advising her catalytic convertor was stolen – occurred an hour ago – no surveillance in the area vehicle was parked – no suspect seen

February 19, 2023

CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Suspect was known to have an active in-county warrant – deputy located subject near his residence – suspect was arrested, transferred and booked into CDC without incident

CED (Warrant Arrest) Western Dr – Subject playing loud music on a Razor that is parked at incident location – subject contacted for noise disturbance complaint – as deputy was leaving, the subjects turned the music back up – subject found to have two active in-county misdemeanor warrants – arrested and booked at CDC

RSP (Petty Theft) Onaknoll Ct – Unknown subject stole items from RP’s shed – incident occurred on 2/14/23 – petty theft – taken from soft-sided tent workshop sometime during the night/early morning – climbed under the tent, accessed tools/batteries and safety glasses – footprints in the snow – no video or fingerprints

CRL (Tow Authority) Lake Dr/Leafy Ln – On Sunday, 2/19/23 at approximately 1:37 p.m., while parked at Lake Dr, deputy observed the driver of a black Toyota Prius driving while on a cell phone – deputy was about 10 yards away from vehicle – deputy had a clear and unobstructed view – deputy conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle – the driver had no legal justification for the violation – deputy cited the driver’s expired registration and cell phone violation – the vehicle was towed

RSP (Runaway Juvenile) Preston Dr – RP’s mother kicked her and her son out of incident location – RP’s friend’s mom is willing to take her in and let her stay with them, but mother has been calling saying she will file false reports – RP is not at incident location – requesting phone contact from deputy – mother of friend would like to make sure that she will be OK to stay with her in the meantime – spoke with RP and mother – RP denied any physical abuse – claimed mental abuse, but would not provide any further details – mother wanted RP to return home – RP refused – RP was entered as runaway

February 20, 2023

CRL (Grand Theft) Sleepy Hollow Motel – RP lives in Arizona – advising she stayed at incident location in December 2022 – RP had a medical emergency – left location – when returned, RP’s wedding ring, valued at $10,000 was missing – states she filed a claim with insurance company – needs deputy contact via phone for report – RP believes her ring was stolen while she stayed at the Sleepy Hollow Motel



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