Surprise shoveling help

Mar 8, 2023 | Government, State

This Cal Fire and inmate crew made quick work of a 15-foot berm in Running Springs.

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The crew was all smiles after helping clear a berm for a Running Springs resident.

Surprise shoveling help

When the folks from Rocky’s deli in Running Springs pulled up to the restaurant after the snow finally stopped, they were already feeling defeated (they posted on Facebook) “as we have been digging out at our own home for many days on the other side of the mountain. (But we knew) we had to get in and evaluate what was going on after not being here for 10+ days.”

What they found were two Cal Fire vehicles parked by the deli with inmates at the ready to shovel.

“They all hopped out, took over and cleared us a path to the door. It took them five minutes! So, we offered them coffee and started brewing pots for them, because it was the least that we could do, but they came in to let us know they were on to the next emergency.

“They were sitting here waiting for evaluations in the area for locals in need, and then they were going over and digging them out.

“We are extremely grateful.”

And then Tom Avildsen posted in the Running Springsers group on Facebook: “We must be the luckiest people on the mountain. While trying to open the 15-foot berm on my driveway, a Cal Fire crew leader, Daniel, saw me and stopped to chat. He just happened to be leading a group of prisoners working with Cal Fire and they were walking up Live Oak.

Fifteen minutes later, they were taking down my berm and clearing the driveway. Many thanks to Cal Fire and the inmate crew.”


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