Uncle Mott

Mar 8, 2023 | Features, Uncle Mott

Uncle Mott is singin’ the blues as he has been without power (so no heat) or Internet for more days than he can remember. Because of that, he’s unable to provide our readers with his pithy words this week. When services are restored, we will publish the column he wrote for this week on our website, www.thealpinemountaineer.com.


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Dear Sidney – 09/28/2023

I am a multi-hyphenate artistic type who writes stories, plays, songs, etc. Like many fellow artists, this doesn’t provide my main source of income. While it may not fill my coffers, my endeavors do lift my heart and spirit, turning the drudgery of everyday life into...

Mountain Musings with Uncle Mott – The Rain Song

Mountain Musings with Uncle Mott – The Rain Song

It never ceases, the weather, that is. First it was the blizzard, then weeks and weeks of rain, followed by a hurricane and mudstorm, which occurs when it rains at the same time as there’s a duststorm, which we had back in June, when everyone was driving around with...