An ode to Goodwin’s

Mar 16, 2023 | Front Page


The following message was posted by Crestline resident Dawn Diggle on the Crestline Happenings Facebook page.

There once was a place in Crestline. It sat on the corner of Lake Drive. On the news, reporters are calling it a grocery store but to us it was something much more.

Goodwin and Son’s Market was at the center of EVERYTHING in Crestline. Sure, they had groceries but what you’re not hearing about on the news is that they had heart. Every year Goodwin’s collected the money for the Duck Derby. In doing so, they brought the whole town together in awe of fireworks at the lake every Jamboree Days.

For their 70th anniversary they had a big carnival and invited the whole town. We all had sodas, hot dogs and popcorn and played games together in their parking lot, for free.

Goodwin’s made food for the teachers and staff at the schools. They donated money to local organizations and sports groups. Their bakery made our wedding and birthday cakes, their deli made our dinners. They were the only place in town to get a donut.

There was an old-fashioned soda and malt shop right in the center and we would go for a treat and sit at the counter with our feet dangling like kids.

Goodwin’s was the place where you’d pick up a quick gift on the way to a party or a bottle of wine for the host. Goodwin’s was the place that you’d get that specialty item that you couldn’t get without going down the hill. It’s where my family bought our Christmas tree.

No matter how many times we went, my kids would marvel at the fish tanks that held all the different types of fish from Lake Gregory.

It wasn’t just the place to go grab milk and eggs; it was the place to say hi to the friends you ran into. We knew the employees by name and we would ask about each other’s families during transactions.

Before I moved to Crestline, I would’ve laughed at the thought that a “grocery store” could be genuinely important – and maybe an outsider just won’t be able to ever understand.

On Wednesday, March 8, Goodwin’s was demolished. The walls that once held the heart of our community were leveled only days after a record-breaking storm collapsed the roof. With that, my hopes of normalcy returning right away were crushed, too. I thought they’d just slap a new roof on her and get back to serving.

This blizzard brought destruction. But, despite the chaos and personal loss, Goodwin’s gave until there was nothing left, offering their parking lot to distribute resources to the townsfolk right up until the demolition started. I got a little choked up thinking about it all.

Thank you for all those beautiful memories, Goodwin’s. It’s been a difficult time but our community’s true spirit has now been revealed.

We are strong. We are resilient and we care deeply about one another. Through it all we still have our community and we can help one another rebuild.

The mountains are permanently altered – homes and lives are gone forever – but we always have that one special thing we share: heart.



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