Finding our better angels

Mar 16, 2023 | Communities

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By Tim Clarke

Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities

Sometimes, it takes an unexpected and extreme weather event to show us how fragile our community infrastructure is. Who could have predicted, in the middle of a drought, we would get snow being measured in feet instead of inches?

We can, however, predict that our community will come together to help one another in short order. From exchanging texts and e-mails updating us on road conditions and damage to homes and businesses, to driving around offering food to those stuck in their homes. In addition, there are those checking on our elderly neighbors and helping and sharing what we had with others.

Let’s not forget the hard-working and over-burdened plow and heavy equipment operators on short sleep and raw nerves, digging and plowing to try to do the most good for the most people.  Then there are those managing the utilities that kept the lights and heat on for so many, while making repairs in the worst possible conditions. Thank you all!

After the worst is over, who will help those that can’t afford to help themselves and make the inevitable repairs that will be needed? One of those entities will be Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities and our emergency repair program.

Along with individuals, organizations and religious groups, this work will be done, but not without money! Money has been called the “mother’s milk of politics,” but it applies to recovery as well. So, we call on those who will come through this trial to dig deep in their wallets to raise the money that will make our neighbors whole again.

This work will take many months and many different workers to accomplish, but we must start now to be prepared for the overwhelming demand that will come in the weeks ahead. We need those “Better Angels” to come forward like never before and be part of the solution that this mountain has seen so many times in the past.

Please send your support to: Rebuilding Together Mountain Communities, P.O. Box 3540, Blue Jay, CA 92317 or call (909) 336-3910.

We will come through stronger than ever as always!


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