Festival teaches the ins and outs of being a thespian

Apr 5, 2023 | Arts & Culture

Rim High drama students participated in the three-day California State Thespian Festival in Upland.

Submitted by S. Nicholas – Rim of the World High School Drama Department

The California State Thespian Festival is a three-day event for California thespian troupes. Rim High Theatre Department is Troupe 145, one of the oldest still active troupes in California.

thespian festival 2

Students at the thespian festival participated in a variety of workshops.

The festival includes many competitions, ranging from acting and singing to costume design and sound production; live performances; guest speakers (this year’s speaker was actor Jay Donnell); and a variety of workshops for students to choose from, including stage combat, juggling, ensemble work, acting for commercials, makeup design and more.

Students stay overnight in a hotel and attended the festival all day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Upland High School from March 31 to April 2.

This is an annual event that Rim has been involved with for some time. While students did plan and prepare to compete in competitions this year, Rim’s many snow days prevented the students from doing so.

Every year students walk away inspired and uplifted and at least one invariably says the experience is “life changing.”

The theme of this year’s festival was “Find Your Light.” As noted on the festival website – http://cetoweb.org/cst_festival – “We are all here today because we share a strong and driving force within us. Passion actively fuels our most genuine smiles and most meaningful work…and the best part of it is, finding a community that shares the same passion as you — one that radiates light. Go ahead and step into it, you can choose to make it brighter.”




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