Dear Sidney,

Apr 12, 2023 | Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,

It’s with a broken heart, I write to you.

What’s happening to our children? We give them all they need for 20 plus years, including the sacrifices that it takes to raise a child, and then we’re treated like a stranger who never gave a thought to them.

In my instance, all three have gone off with the in-laws. They’ve moved away; they have abandoned me. I am ignored.

I’m willing to travel to visit my children and grandchildren, but there are no invitations forthcoming. And believe me, I can’t just “show up,” heavens to Betsy!

It’s Easter weekend and I’d sure like to be at the Big Egg Hunt up the coast, but no worries. My grandson will be well taken care of by the well-to-do grandparents.

I may be just pissing in the wind on this issue. Yep, I’m just bellyaching.

Heartbroken in CPP


Dearest Heartbroken,

This troubling issue keeps coming up around the holidays. What better way to say, “I love you” than to exclude your parents from special events?

In order to heed my advice, I’m hoping that you’ve got a pile of dough and some free-and-clear real estate that your ungrateful and undeserving tribe will inherit upon your demise. Make an appointment with your attorney immediately and, if you don’t have one already, set up your will and trust. Be sure to exclude in writing all three unappreciative morons. Mail off copies to them as soon as possible. Sit back with a few Ten High shots and wait for the phone to beep.

Here at the Sidney cabin, all we got is going to the dog, the two squirrels (Thumper and Princess) and the guy who shoveled out the Subaru on March 11, 2023. You know who you are.

P.S. Anybody else got a snowstorm dent in the roof of his car?


Send your questions for Sidney to [email protected] or by snail mail to Dear Sidney, The Alpine Mountaineer, P.O. Box 4572, Crestline, CA 92325.

This advice is intended for entertainment purposes only. No animals were harmed in the writing of this column.



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