Dear Sidney

May 3, 2023 | Dear Sidney

Dearest Sidney,

I hope you’re doing well after Snowmageddon 2023.

Three nights into the big storm, my neighbor’s tree broke in half from the weight of snow and the top 50 feet crashed with a bang into my yard. Thankfully, it landed on top of five feet of snow. However, the branches damaged my redwood fence.

The neighbor has cut and removed the tree, but is not offering to repair the fence, because he says that his insurance won’t pay for it. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? Whatever happened to “being a good neighbor?”

I’m not turning in an insurance claim because the cost to repair the fence is about $500 and my deductible is $1,000. My neighbor, obviously, turned in a claim and is receiving money to cover the cost of removing the tree, the removal performed by another neighbor. Should I approach this stingy neighbor with a plea to help me out?

Springtime in Twin Peaks

Dear Springtime,

I am assuming that the stingy neighbor is also a selfish bore. His tree falls in your yard damaging your wooden fence and you get “not my problemo.” I can just hear him gloat.

Do you love your place? Do you plan on living there for, like, forever? Bite the bullet on this one. During the storm, people died alone in their cabins. You got a big old tree dumped in your yard. Your fence was damaged. The daffodils are popping up everywhere. Rejoice.



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