Dear Sidney – 5/25/2023

May 26, 2023 | Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,


I have been diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration. My ophthalmologist is injecting shots into both my eyes for relief, although he says that the left eye will not be getting any better as I waited too long to seek treatment.

I’m challenged by the fact that soon I will not be able to drive. As it is, I can no longer sew on a button even while using a magnifying glass.

But what really saddens me is the worrywarts at my church who have now started a rumor that I am going blind! I am not going blind. My doctor says I’m not going blind. I refuse to go blind. Suddenly, everyone is grabbing my hand, escorting me and questioning me as to how I got to church. How dare they suggest that I can’t drive, when I can see the big things that matter.

Sidney, how can I shut down the well-meaning grapevine without ruffling too many feathers?


Ms. Blurry in Crestline

Dear Ms. Blurry,

My Googling fingers answered the question as to the visual symptoms of macular degeneration. Your central vision becomes blurry, often quickly, and is not corrected by prescription glasses. There may also be blind spots. Colors may seem less bright and straight lines may appear wavy with the waviness increasing.

I feel for you. Avoiding those after-storm potholes might be a bit tricky for you. However, you are in denial of the inevitability that when the DMV gets wind of your diagnosis, they just might take away your driver’s license.

Being able to see the “big things that matter” is an irresponsible way to drive around, especially on blind corners and winding mountain roads. Do you want to squash a poor unsuspecting squirrel, one of the little things that don’t matter?

Your friends at church worry because they care so much for you. Use that. Use them. Betty can drive you DTH to a dollar store on Wednesdays; Jane can drive you to Stater Bros in Lake Arrowhead on Thursdays (until Goodwin’s Market is up and running in 2024); Gus can be your date every Friday for Market Night at the north shore of Lake Gregory; Sheila can drive you to church on Sunday morning. And if Jane flakes out on Thursdays, you can always have Stater Bros deliver your groceries.

Your social life just got a kick in the butt!


Send your questions for Sidney to [email protected] or by snail mail to Dear Sidney, The Alpine Mountaineer, P.O. Box 4572, Crestline, CA 92325.

This advice is intended for entertainment purposes only. No animals were harmed in the writing of this column.


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