Mountain Musings with Uncle Mott – A Summer Song

Jun 18, 2023 | Uncle Mott


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Now that the Memorial Day weekend crowd has disbursed, we are approaching, with great anticipation, the Fourth of July weekend Jamboree Days crowd. Hopefully, we will have great weather for the July 4th fireworks extravaganza and the Jamboree Days parade, not foggy and drizzly like it was for Memorial Day.

As long as it doesn’t rain during the Jamboree Days parade, I’ll be clinging to the roof of a store across the street from Rim Bowling on Lake Drive, announcing the arrival of all the floats and marching bands that pass by.

Now that school’s out for the summer, we can expect to start seeing the usual bikini-clad beach babes sunbathing on Lake Gregory’s north and south shore beaches. I must remember to dust off my binoculars. “Honey, please don’t hide my binoculars, like you did last year!”

Okay, so when Rhea calms down, perhaps we can take a stroll around the lake and watch the trees swaying in the summer breeze while laughing all our cares away… “Hmm, where have I heard this before?”

Trees swayin’ in the summer breeze, showin’ off their silver leaves as we walked by. Soft kisses on a summer’s day, laughing all our cares away, just you and I. Sweet sleepy warmth of summer nights, gazing at the distant lights in the starry sky. (“A Summer Song – Chad & Jeremy – 1964)

This just in from our Mottsville Weather Station: Our staff meteorologist Floyd Frigid is calling for mostly sandy conditions with low crowds in the Lake Gregory Basin. All bikini-clad beach babes are advised to rinse off before returning to their cabanas. Man-O- Manischewitz, Floyd, you sure do have a way with words!

It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away, eh, eh, eh, eh. (“Words” – The Bee Gees – 1968)

Please excuse us for the interruption, we now return you to Uncle Mott and his weekly musing.

Then, of course, there are the usual yard sales. I may be out and about, looking for some record albums that I don’t already own. Oh, and one of my neighbors is having a garage sale. Seems kinda odd, I wish him luck in selling his garage. What I would really like to find at a yard sale is a VHS player. You wouldn’t believe how many VHS tapes I have languishing here at the stately Motley Manor.

Just like with Memorial Day weekend, I will be anxious for the Fourth of July weekend to end. Gone will be the hordes of tourists – “Hey mister, how do I get to Lake Arrowhead?” And, sadly, gone will be the bikini-clad beach babes…Rhea, why are you shaking your head at me like that? Well, it’s time for me to go now, see ya next week.

Wish you didn’t have to go, no, no, no, no, and when the rain beats against my window pane, I’ll think of summer days again and dream of you.

Keep it flyin’,

Uncle Mott


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