The 2023 Crestline Citizens of the Year

Jun 30, 2023 | Front Page, Trending

Mike Johnstone


For four generations of supporting the community and for all the positive things the Goodwin family has done over the past decades, as well as during the recent blizzard, the choice for this year’s Crestline Citizen of the year became obvious; Mike Johnstone, the Goodwin Family and the market staff are the 2023 Citizens of the Year.

Mike is the current face and manager of Goodwin & Son’s Market, but he is so much more than that. He was raised in the Goodwin’s family tradition, learning by growing up working in the store, that the customer is the center of the business, employees were like family and his generous nature is embedded in his actions. Mike’s mother was Bridget, David Goodwin’s daughter, who married Jim Johnstone.

Mike attended the University of Nevada at Reno, earning a degree in business administration. He still has the personal touch, showing concern for each person on his staff and the community. Johnstone is a family man, who continues the Goodwin’s family tradition, teaching his sons how to be involved in the family business, just like he was taught while growing up, in addition to learning that volunteering for the community is a worthy use of your time.

The family and market are supportive of most nonprofits by providing gift certificates and more. Johnstone himself has given thousands of hours to the community, often involving his sons, working and supporting Corks & Hops, Jamboree Days and other chamber events, while Johnstone has continued to coach his kids and their teams in Mountain Little League.

Mike and the Goodwin family believe that staff is their greatest asset. “They have pulled us through many challenges and we appreciate them for their loyalty and dedication to our operation and to the community,” said Mike.

During the blizzard, Mike supported his employees, appreciating that some were walking in to do shifts at the store, knowing the market was a lifeline for the community.

When the road was closed for days, he got all he could from back stock and made as much available to customers as possible, even stocking the shelves himself at times. After days of the road being closed, when the resupply truck got stuck in the snow, he coordinated a tow vehicle and clearance of the road to get the supplies to the store, refilling the shelves for the residents of Crestline.

Johnstone was there at the market bright and early the next morning, awaiting another truckload of groceries. He became aware of an impending problem when he heard cracking and warned the store’s employees to evacuate the market. His quick action probably saved the lives of his crew when the entire roof collapsed due to the heavy snow load.

Later that day, he distributed newly arrived food to the community from the truck and then allowed his parking lot to be used for subsequent food distributions. The community has expressed its love for the market, its employees and how much they miss it and look forward to its return next year, the sooner the better.

The family continues to employ many Goodwin’s workers, even after their workplace collapsed. He is keeping the community appraised of the family’s plans to rebuild the store and continues to support them to the best of his ability by bringing Goodwin specialty products to market nights and in front of the Oak Trunk.

“We already had planned to have our staff and family featured on our float in the parade this year and are happier than ever to have them with us this year,” Johnstone added.

Mike Johnstone and the Goodwin family have for years supported the Crestline community in almost every way possible, and he strives to put the goodwill of others before his own, so he and the Goodwin family have insisted the dedicated market staff be included in this honor.



  1. bg

    let’s not forget the great ‘Marty’….tx….

  2. Yolanda Soper

    The Goodwin family are the very best on the mountain. They helped me for 15 years and my brother Bill several years before he expired. We have moved on to Georgia but will always remember the whole family. Theresa , David and Bridget as well as Mike. Prayers everything goes good for them all and the replacement of the store we so dearly loved. Good job Mike. Congratulations. Love you. Yolanda and all of Billy Bears Family. We miss you all.

  3. Corrine

    Goodwin’s is our anchor here in Crestline….we go there once a day before Snowmegeddon ‘23…..we really miss your crew and food


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