Dear Sidney – 7/20/23

Jul 20, 2023 | Dear Sidney

Dear Sidney,

A very dear friend, Mary, was left at the altar this week. It wasn’t really an altar, but a park bench along the Lake Gregory path with a clergy and a few friends. A reception was to follow with beers and shots at the Bear Claw Saloon. It’s so sad.

Even sadder is that the jerk who broke her heart is my best friend and school chum Max. The marriage would have been Mary’s first and Max’s third. He didn’t deserve her anyway. Within 24 hours Max married a real hussy, Ginger. Ginger has been chasing him for years. She must have been carrying a marriage license around in her purse since 2020.

So Mary is pathetically lonely and still in love with Max. Max is taking advantage of that with weekly romantic visits with her. I’ve been in love with Mary since grade school and never got to first base with her.

Should I let her know my true feelings and save her from Mad Max?

Hopeful Hubby To Be in Cedar Glen


Dear Hopeful,

Please don’t rush at dear Mary with your offer of a husband replacement. Rebound romances rarely last. Become her ardent supporter, relief pitcher and confidante.

Crying on your big handsome shoulder over her shameful side affair with the married man Max may warm her up to more intimacy – maybe your first kiss.

In the meantime, make a date to meet your chum Max outside the Bear Claw and share with him what you think of the cheating, conniving louse.



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