Dear Sidney – 09/21/2023

Sep 20, 2023 | Dear Sidney

After reading your inspiring column for a year now, I still am not sure if you are male or female. I suppose not knowing is half the fun!

Last Friday, my dear husband and kind provider of exactly 40 years drove us over for a beer or two and great music at Market Night in Crestline at the south shore pavilion on Lake Gregory. We strolled through the vendors, but came up empty. Although I glanced at a few interesting items, my hubby pulled me away with “Don’t you already have that?”

We were both in our pajamas by 8:30 and watching reruns of Family Feud, when I went to the kitchen for bowls of pistachio ice cream and some Cool Whip. Sadly, I let out just a few tears onto the Cool Whip. You see, that night was our anniversary and it was obvious that he had never given it one lousy thought.

I haven’t said one word about it but I’m sure itching to let him have it. What say you? Thanks.


Sad in Crestline


Dear Sad,


It seems to me that it is usually the wife who keeps tabs on big occasions and makes all the plans to celebrate them. Congratulations to you, young lady, for keeping your mouth shut and timidly waiting for the surprise that didn’t come.

I wonder if this is his first forgetful faux pas or is he always a moron when it comes to remembering special events? Ah, shucks, let’s give the guy a break. After all is said and done, it wasn’t your 50th Golden Anniversary that he swept under the rug. And just how many wives get taken out for beer and free music on a Friday night?

You’ve got 10 years to place warning Post-its all over the house.







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