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Sep 27, 2023 | Government, Local

September 11, 2023


CRL (Drug Overdose) Lake Dr – Smoke shop parking lot – medical en route for male possibly having a heart attack – not awake – not breathing – 44-year-old male – Fire giving CPR instructions – administered Narcan – subject is breathing again – subject transported to St Bernardine’s by Fire


RSP (Vandalism) Summit Dr – RP at location – neighbor who lives in bottom unit smashed RP’s surveillance camera with an axe just now – line disconnected – will attempt call back – states neighbors are outside – they both hit the cameras – unknown if they are still outside – RP and boyfriend are inside location – are scared to go outside – neighbors that live upstairs installed a camera and are harassing RP – RP feels like they are hearing her conversations – ongoing issue between upstairs and downstairs tenants harassing each other – upper tenant placed a camera on her deck above the lower tenant’s door – the camera captures the shared driveway only with audio – the lower tenant does not like the audio recording of her property – lower tenant asked upper to remove the camera – upper tenant refused, at which point the lower tenant’s son’s girlfriend grabbed an axe – the video shows the girlfriend hit the camera multiple times until the camera goes black – the girlfriend admitted to hitting the camera off the mount – she was willing to pay for a replacement camera – upper tenant desired prosecution – signed a citizen’s arrest for vandalism – cite was issued and signed


CRL (Vandalism) Seeley Way – Location should be vacant – RP noticed door open and can hear water running inside – the front window is broken – no one should be inside – no one seen – requesting deputy to make sure no one is inside – start Fire for possible gas/water leak – deputy cleared the residence and ensured nobody inside – as deputy walked into the first level of the residence, deputy noticed water coming out of the residence – there was kicked in drywall, a toilet broken off from the wall that was leaking and other shattered windows – deputy cleared the basement – noticed the water valves were left turned on, which caused the basement to flood – unknown who the homeowners are – no call history at the location – report taken for documentation


CRL (Paraphernalia) Geneva Dr – Unknown female at RP’s door – appears to be high – has bright red eyes – advising she is lost – a guy left her there – lives by train station in Apple Valley – contacted suspect outside RP’s residence – suspect was deaf, but able to read/write – suspect wrote that she was lost – wanted to go to Victorville – suspect opened her backpack for her identification – there was drug paraphernalia in plain view in the front pocket – suspect was arrested and transported to CDC without incident – her backpack was kept at the Twin Peaks Station for safekeeping


September 12, 2023


CRL (Assist Fire/CDF) California Bank and Trust – Large tree fire – very close to structures – will be house fire – fully engulfed – Fire en route – locked front gate – appears maintenance tools out front – will start evacuating behind lake and houses adjacent – evacuating Spring Water – advising Fire best approach on Spring Water – fire hydrant next to the house – neighbor advised location was possibly an illegal apartment – people do come in and out from the back – Fire making progress – should be contained – any residence that had to be evacuated has been – just working on fire now – small shed in front of property was fully engulfed – all same property – deputies drove on Lake Dr – located a residential fire on rear of property – deputies initiated evacuations – fire contained to single vacant residence – Fire investigator arrived to take over investigation


September 13, 2023


VOE (Commercial Burglary) Meadow Ln/Byron Rd – RP advising sometime overnight, RP’s shed was broken into – point of entry was through a broken plastic door – steel chain, leaf blower and weed wacker was taken – negative surveillance footage – RP states her business shed was broken into sometime between 9/12 at about 4:00 p.m. and 9/13 at about 8:00 a.m. – multiple items taken valued at $1,700


LAA (Keeping of Property) Riviera Dr – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP turning in ex’s firearms for safekeeping – processing firearms for safekeeping – RP wanted to surrender her soon-to-be ex-husband’s firearms for safekeeping – RP was advised about storage fees for the firearms – teletype sent for firearms


RSP (Embezzle Vehicle) Brookings Dr – RP’s daughter took their truck on 9/2 – won’t return it – gave evasive answers about returning the vehicle – now avoids all calls – she may be in Ontario – vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Tundra – RP paid for daughter’s storage – would use RP’s truck – daughter was going to pick up items from storage – RP instructed daughter to return with the truck after picking up items from storage unit – have attempted multiple times to contact subject – no replies but is able to see subject receives the messages and she has been active on Facebook Messenger – CHP 180 completed


RSP (Identity Theft) All View Dr – Unknown subject opened a credit card account using RP’s information – RP checked her credit report and saw a credit card account worth $200 opened in her name – she also saw two additional on her account that do not belong to her


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Darfo Ct – Suspect arrested for his felony warrants


LAA (Grand Theft) Pioneer Rd – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP states LAPD retirement badge and diamond ring were stolen – unknown subject stole victim’s retired LAPD detective badge and 14k yellow gold band with five “in line” diamonds valued at $3,800 from the locked vehicle sometime in March 2023 – negative subject leads


RSP (Embezzle Vehicle) Hilltop Blvd – Phone contact – U-Haul truck has been embezzled – was supposed to be returned on 8/31/23 – subject has been at Village Market since renting U-Haul and not returning it – told RP he would pay U-Haul directly – never did – U-Haul was rented by subject on 8/20/23 – rental was to be returned on 8/31/23 – as of 9/13/23, the U-Haul has not been returned – multiple attempts made to contact subject – no response – CHP 180 completed


RSP (Miscellaneous Incident) Panorama Dr – RP saw son in town earlier – his hands were peeling – had fresh blood – she tried to contact the father, but has not heard back from him – RP states they have joint custody, but has not seen son in a while due to son not wanting to see his mother – negative answer on phone contact – spoke to subjects at the residence – stated his hands were dry due to a medical condition – ongoing issues over custody – report taken for documentation


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) North Bay Rd – RP wanting to report abuse going on at daycare at incident location – requesting contact in front of address – RP works there – advising owner had infants on the table to be fed and one of the juveniles dropped a tablet so the owner twisted his leg – in another incident, juvenile was crying so owner put her in the bathroom by herself for five minutes alone – screaming after dropping the chair on the ground from a short distance – a child bit another child and the owner told the child to bite them back – same with a juvenile that choked another juvenile – the owner smashed RP’s daughter’s hands after she accidentally smashed another juvenile’s fingers – owner threatening RP with having parents go after her because RP no longer wants to work there – owner makes comments to juveniles – calling them names or making comments about their parents – takes care of approximately 12-14 juveniles from 1 year old to 4 years old and a couple of after-school juveniles approximately 9-10 years old – RP is scared for her life and feels like she’s being extorted – RP not wanting to go to station for contact – requesting contact in front of address – will be ongoing issues over several days


RSP (Violate Court Order) Hilltop Blvd – Occurred today in the afternoon – advised son has a no-contact order with subject – advising subject made contact with her son today down the street from the RP’s residence – RP states she has driven by their residence multiple times – ongoing issue – RP is also a protected person on the no-contact order – deputy spoke with victim via phone – subject vehicle driving around his house – doing area check – RP received second hand information that subject violated his active restraining order and reported it to law enforcement


September 14, 2023


CRL (Commercial Burglary) Lake Dr – RP watching camera – can see three subjects inside store – subjects broke the glass – CHP transfer – reporting smoke shop broken into just now – there are two males with masks on – one possible black male adult – were in a black Porsche SUV – all three subjects have covers over their heads – unknown if male or female – advising subjects left – unknown if on foot or in a vehicle – no front plate – possibly heading down the hill – broke the sliding glass window – negative weapons seen – RP was across the street and witnessed – RP en route in a black Toyota – advising will check cameras when he gets there and won’t enter until deputies arrive – CHP advising will start area check – at approximately 12:39 a.m., a black Audi SUV backed up to the front of the Crestline Smoke Shop on Lake Dr – three unknown black male adults exited the vehicle, smashed the front glass door and cut the security gate with a saw – all three subjects wore hoodies, masks, pants and gloves – filled four large black trash bags with cartons of cigarettes – subjects exited the business, placed the bags in their vehicle  and drove north on Lake toward Crest Forest – no vehicle plates – area check negative – video obtained – no additional leads


CRL (Vandalism) Crest Forest Dr – Open basement door – door forced open – alarm company calling back with additional – advising deputies were on scene – alarm was activated for basement door – upon arrival, deputies noticed the north rear basement door partially opened with damage to door frame – door frame was still intact with deadbolt still locked – deputies forced open door and cleared residence – no signs of entry – RP arrived and confirmed no signs of entry or stolen items – estimated wooden frame and door repair at $500 to fix – contacted subject in area, but no evidence of involvement


CRL (Public Nuisance) Lake Dr – CHP transfer – white male adult transient with long curly hair, dark green jacket – subject is on foot southbound on Leafy – states subject was sleeping on the bench – was told to leave – refused – negative weapons – possibly drunk/high – subject is now sitting on a log in front of a house across the street from incident location – subject resided in Crestline in 2023, has been arrested four times for trespassing charges and three times for narcotics-related charges – deputy spoke with two business owners who reported suspect habitually urinated, defecated, trespassed and caused disturbances with their customers which interfered with the comfortable enjoyment to life and property for the entire community and neighborhood – suspect arrested and booked at CDC


CRL (Grand Theft Auto) Pondarosa Dr – RP’s 2007 Aprilia scooter was stolen from a room on the lower level of her home – the room was accessed through a sliding door – RP had to move out of home due to snow/water damage – RP hired Servpro company to pack up home into storage containers – scooter and a generator (approximately $1,000) left in the bottom level game room – RP does not know who took scooter – happened sometime after spring snow storms – June/July possibly – CHP 180 completed – teletype sent


LAA (Attempt Petty Theft) Rocky Point Way – CHP transfer – subject was trying to get into RP’s vehicle – pulled on door handle – vehicle in driveway – left on foot – RP has possible video – unknown male adult attempted to open the door on RP’s vehicle – video surveillance obtained


September 15, 2023


RSP (Domestic Battery) Brookings Dr – RP says husband hit her in the face and pulled her hair – male and RP fighting – not answering intake questions – hung up – RP declined medical – four guns in the home – RP says she does not know where the guns are – RP says male has been using Xanax today – male in the background saying RP hit him in the face and telling RP to leave –  the victim and subject have been in a dating relationship for four years – live together – have a child together – on 9/15/23, the subject and victim got into an argument at their residence – during the argument, subject punched the victim once in the nose, which caused the victim’s nose to bleed


BLU (Assault) State Hwy 189 – CHP transfer – RP saw white male adult in a black baseball cap slammed his head on the door frame – male in red/black flannel – subject is driving off in a red pickup truck with wooden frame on the back – female present is also injured and bleeding – RP witnessed partial confrontation – vehicle headed eastbound toward Rim of the World – medical advised – victim is parked in the Jensen’s parking lot – vehicle passed on 189 toward station – medical will be holding – RP calling back for ETA, but saw deputy – disconnected – medical not needed – mutual fight over a road rage incident – statements taken


September 16, 2023


CRL (Driving W/O License) Lake Dr – No report


CRL (Land Trespass) Lake Dr/Forest Shade Rd – On Saturday, 9/16/23, deputy conducted a pedestrian check at the corner of Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – parking lot of 7-Eleven – subject was lying on the ground – refused to answer any questions, give deputy his name or follow directions – manager of 7-Eleven did not want the subject on the property – signed citizen’s arrest form for trespassing – deputy placed handcuffs on the suspect – deputy transported and booked suspect into WVDC


CRL (Paraphernalia) Friendly Ln/Pioneer Camp Rd – On Saturday, 9/16/23, at about 10:09 a.m., deputy contacted a knock and talk – deputy contacted suspect at the residence – suspect allowed deputy to enter the residence – inside the residence, in plain view, was paraphernalia described as a large glass bulb with a glass cylinder attached – the smaller glass bulb had residue of a white substance and burn marks on the glass bulb – deputy wrote suspect a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia


CRL (Possession Danger Drugs) Longford Dr/Crest Forest Dr – Suspect contacted during consensual encounter – found to be in possession methamphetamine and meth pipe – issued citation and released in the field


LAA (Grand Theft Auto) Mittry Ln – CHP transfer – RP states she got back from her son’s soccer game and noticed her car was gone – Ring doorbell is dead – no one had permission to drive the vehicle – all keys are accounted for – RP will be at location for deputy contact – RP states she left there at 1:00 p.m. and got back an hour ago – on Saturday, 9/16/23 at approximately 2:00 p.m., unknown subject stole RP’s vehicle – RP had a second vehicle parked in the driveway – the vehicle was left unlocked with the stolen vehicle’s spare keys inside of it – described as a white 2006 Ford Expedition – vehicle has a tan hard “pop up” camper affixed to the roof – RP left two credit cards inside the vehicle – there were several unauthorized transactions made after the vehicle was stolen – transactions were made in San Bernardino – Ring camera at the location was not charged – did capture unknown white male adult walk by the area followed by the stolen vehicle driving away – CHP 180 completed – teletype sent for stolen vehicle


CRL (Runaway Juvenile) Lake Gregory Mobile Home Park – RP went to son’s friend’s residence, who advised the juvenile ran off into the woods and into creek bed – states juvenile told him juvenile attempted to commit suicide last night and was going to overdose on pills – RP drove through Top Town and couldn’t find him – advising she is going to take action if her son isn’t found – is upset at the prior interaction she received on the last call – RP is en route back to incident location – juvenile was last seen on 9/16/23 at about 11:00 a.m. near Wildrose and Lake Dr – juvenile runs away from mother when he sees her – no medical concerns – last seen wearing a red shirt and tan pants – teletype sent


LAA (Death Investigation) Bel Air Dr – On Saturday, 9/16/23, at approximately 4:00 p.m., RP gave her husband his daily medication – subject stated he did not feel well and vomited – RP moved subject to the living room sofa to sit down – subject stopped breathing – RP called 9-1-1 – Fire arrived – subject had a history of Parkinson’s and asthma – no signs of foul play


September 17, 2023


VOE (Paraphernalia) Vista Ln/N State Hwy 138 – Suspect found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine pipe – cite released in field


CRL (Resist Officer) Lake Dr – Customer fighting with RP – subject is drunk/high – negative weapons – RP states another customer is attempting to detain him – RP states he is not supposed to be at location – subject just bought bottle of alcohol – negative medical – subject is across the street at the bank – subject was breaking items in the store – last seen near the barber shop – subject is now attempting to block traffic – in the middle of the road – subject gone on arrival – suspect arrested – transported for a jail check and to be booked into jail – subject booked into WVDC


September 18, 2023


LAA (Death Investigation) Mountains Community Hospital – RP is reporting passing of subject – no trauma


LAA (Warrant Arrest) State Hwy 173 – Limited report


RSP (Grand Theft Auto) Easy Dr – Phone contact – RP says her car was stolen – between 9/6/23 and 9/7/23, unknown subject stole RP’s vehicle from her residence – the vehicle was parked on her driveway – RP stated her key was stolen from a lock box she had stored inside the residence – no one was given permission to take the vehicle – no suspect leads – no video surveillance of the incident – teletype sent


TPK (Drug Overdose) S Fairway Dr – No report


LAA (Fraud Use Credit Card) Lake Arrowhead Village – 20 minutes ago – customer gave server an invalid credit card and left – she followed him out – bill was $35.60 – server took a picture of the vehicle – unknown male and female adults ate at Papagayos – paid with a credit card that would not process the payment – worker followed the male subject to his vehicle trying to get his attention, but he would not acknowledge her – when he arrived to his vehicle, the female was already inside and the driver side door was open – male drove away from the Village


RSP (Terrorist Threats) Circle View Dr –  RP requesting phone contact – RP’s father-in-law is calling RP and threatening death threats – RP does not feel safe – states he had to leave his residence – father recorded saying he would shoot RP and kill him – RP wants his guns to be taken from him – victim received multiple calls from father-in-law stating he was going to kill the victim – being in fear for his life, the victim had to leave his residence and stay with a friend in another county – victim desires prosecution


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