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Oct 4, 2023 | Local

September 19, 2023


CRL (Warrant Arrest) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – Suspect arrested for his warrant – interview for possible involvement in other crimes


CPP (Fraud Use Credit Card) Jobs Peak Rd – RP noticed fraudulent activity on his Westcom Credit Union account for $582.00 – notified bank – they advised him there were two withdrawals from named subject and one Cashapp withdrawal by another named subject to pay off an AT&T phone bill – RP never received the debit card that was used – believes it was stolen in the mail


TPK (Grand Theft Auto) Twin Peaks Station – Vehicle was stolen sometime between Sunday, 9/17/23, and Tuesday, 9/19/23, by unknown subject(s) – truck was parked in construction yard near Apache Trl and Mohawk Trl in Rimforest – no cameras at location – truck was previously stolen – door does not lock – ignition was still damaged from previous theft – victim signed CHP 180 – teletype sent


September 20, 2023


GVL (Death Investigation) Juniper Ln – Fire on scene with confirmed deceased person – subject did not live at residence – people who lived there did not know the RP or decedent – deputy spoke with subject’s niece via telephone – she communicated with other family members about death – will try to contact subject’s son – 69-year-old male with no known medical history – there was no trauma or signs of foul play – transported to coroner


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) Delle Dr – RP’s vehicle was broken into sometime between 11:00 p.m. and 4:30 a.m. this morning – was parked in front of driveway – there was video, but didn’t catch anything – unknown point of entry – tools worth approximately $1,000.00 stolen – unknown what else was stolen –


CRL (Follow Up) Berne Dr – Contact made with parents and two juveniles – contacted CFS – stated made contact with 14-year-old juvenile yesterday – same allegations – allegations of emotional abuse/general neglect were unfounded


CRL (Grand Theft) Wylerhorn Dr – RP parked her vehicle in the driveway of her residence – left three of the windows down about three inches on her work vehicle – RP unsure if she left the vehicle unlocked or locked – no forced entry – alarm did not go off – RP is sure alarm works – a Husky dog was left in the vehicle – ripped the door panels and molding on the driver side front and rear and on the front passenger side – RP also noticed her two work computers and cellphone were stolen – dog ran off when she opened the door


LAA (Miscellaneous Incident) Mary Putman Henck Middle School – Occurred at incident location at 10:45 a.m. – 13-year-old juvenile was punched and pulled by the neck – juvenile obtained head injury – was taken to hospital by ambulance – juvenile’s parents are at location with juvenile – juvenile no longer at hospital – went home with family – battery unfounded – report taken for documentation


LAA (Driving W/SUS/RV/License) Alder Ln/Sherwood Rd – Deputy conducted a traffic stop on vehicle – subject was found to be in violation of driving without a license and on felony probation – deputy contacted Probation – they advised subject has not checked in for several months – probation hold issued – suspect was arrested and booked at CDC – vehicle was impounded – teletype sent


TPK (290 Registration) Twin Peaks Station – No report


LAA (Burglary) S Peninsula Dr – On Wednesday, 9/20/23, at approximately 6:44 a.m., RP’s husband exited the gated community of Point Hamiltair – noticed a Hispanic male adult in a red golf cart waiting outside the gates after he left – the subject drove quickly through the exit gate into the gated community – RP left the garage open – subject drove by twice before entering the garage and taking items – subject drove out of the community at approximately 7:01 a.m. – area check negative for red golf cart – security advised


CRL (Found Property) Lake Dr – RP was doing ground work – found an older rifle buried – RP suspects it is possibly an AK47 – weapon is rotting, but RP wants it disposed – has a big clip still attached – gold-plated AK47 recovered – magazine in the rifle – unable to remove on scene – unknown if loaded – unknown serial number at this time


September 22, 2023


LAA (Domestic Battery) Chippewa Ln – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – RP’s wife dislikes his daughter – RP’s wife got mad again when RP called daughter – wife hit RP in the face – started grabbing his face – RP2 requesting a well check on a friend at location – RP says she is concerned for his well-being – RP has tried to call him several times with no answer – diagnosed with dementia and multiple medical conditions – unknown if he lives alone – RP says hunting rifle in home – unknown if it’s locked in a safe – unknown drinking/drugs – on 9/21/23 at 9:00 p.m., the victim and suspect argued in the residence – during the argument, the suspect scratched the victim’s face with her fingernails and kicked him off the bed causing injuries – under Miranda, suspect admitted to scratching the victim’s face – suspect was booked at CDC


CRL (Runaway Juvenile) Short Way – RP is not at above residence – phone contact with her – 11-year-old brother ran away – jumped out of his window this morning – did not show up for school today – juvenile ran away from residence because he didn’t want to go to school – third time he was truant from school this week – negative medical or psychiatric problems – family advised he walked around town or would take the bus into Lake Arrowhead when he is truant – area check negative – teletype entered


September 23, 2023


TPK (Assault W/Weapon) Sierra Vista Dr – CHP transfer – occurred less than five minutes ago – RP was involved in a vehicle vs pedestrian accident – thinks it was intentional – attempting further – will be girlfriend and ex-boyfriend – medical en route – RP said he tried to get out of the way, but still hit him – female in the background asking RP if he is sure it was him – RP said he was walking to his vehicle – he told the driver to go, but driver turned the steering wheel towards him – male refusing medical – subject was with his girlfriend when her ex-boyfriend showed up – as ex passed the victim in his vehicle and struck victim with vehicle knocking victim off balance – subject left the scene – area check for him was negative – during the investigation, victim was found to be on probation out of Riverside and in possession of methamphetamine, two glass smoking pipes and two hypodermic needles – suspect was placed under arrest and booked into CDC after a jail check – Riverside Probation declined to place a hold on suspect – separate report taken for charges on suspect


September 24, 2023


VOE (Driving W/SUS/RV License) Maple Ln/Azalia Ln – No report


CRL (Assault) Vista Ln – CHP transfer – RP states unknown male punched RP in the face – pushed RP to the ground and kicked RP – male still at location fighting with RP – negative weapons seen – RP bleeding from forehead and arm – per RP, male is transient – is ex-boyfriend of female who’s house sitting for RP – medical advised – will be holding – RP requesting to stay on the line until deputies are on scene – advising unknown if weapons in the home – RP was coming to location to pick up his key from female at location that was watching RP’s house – RP unable to wait in his vehicle due to male pacing back and forth outside between RP and RP’s vehicle – suspect was holding a wire hanger, but just threw it over the fence – arrest made


CRL (Vehicle Burglary) Lake Dr/Lake Gregory Dr – RP parked on the street – occurred one hour ago – unknown subject(s) broke into RP’s vehicle – stole belongings – broken right rear window – cracked right rear window – stolen wallet 1, Louis Vuitton hard wallet (black and gray), containing driver’s license and three credit cards – stolen wallet 2, unknown brand of hard wallet with five credit cards – iPhone 8 with pink cat case also stolen – phone turned off – cannot locate – Wilson duffle bag (red, white and blue) – victim did not have serial numbers – will email deputy with information – victim noticed a declined transaction at Hibbett’s Sports in Rialto at 12:11 p.m. – while vehicle was parked at on Lake Dr east of the entrance to the north lot – no surveillance at site – no witnesses – clerk at Hibbett’s described subjects as two Hispanic males, 30s, with sparse mustaches – both wearing black shorts – one with black and red shirt – the other wearing a black jacket with white shirt – both wearing snap-back caps – arrived at store in black, possibly Range Rover – manager won’t be on site for surveillance until Tuesday – will follow up


LAA (Grand Theft) N Brentwood Dr – RP saw a post on Facebook of a recovered golf cart in the area – RP had a golf cart stolen a week ago – asking if it is possibly the same cart – golf cart owner called to report his missing golf cart – he described all the custom modifications he had done on the cart confirming it was his – the cart was driven by subject when deputies contacted him on 9/19/23 – at the time, the golf cart was not listed or reported stolen – the cart was returned to RP – report will be forwarded to DA’s office


RSP (Cruelty to Child) State Hwy 18 – Deputy was driving northbound on Hwy 18, when deputy observed a vehicle driving northbound in the southbound lane of traffic and almost crash head on with another vehicle – the other driver had to drive completely on the shoulder of the road to avoid collision – deputy stopped vehicle and identified the driver and his niece in the backseat strapped into a car seat – suspect was found to be driving on a suspended license and have an active warrant for his arrest – deputy detected an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and conducted field sobriety tests – based on findings and results of 0.192% and 0.180% BAC, deputy arrested suspect for charges and his warrant – suspect refused the chem test – a warrant was authorized for his blood – a judge signed the warrant and blood was drawn at CDC – suspect was booked without further incident


RSP (Reckless Driving) S Hwy 330 – Deputy was transporting an arrestee down Hwy 330, when deputy was flagged down by a motorist of a possible DUI driver – deputy observed the vehicle wobble between the lanes and cross over the double yellow line and almost crash head-on with several vehicles – vehicles had to rapidly steer away to avoid a collision and use their horns – deputy contacted the driver and determined that he was under the influence of suspected alcohol – vehicle was towed by Don’s Auto – the female was delivered to Walmart in Highland – the driver refused a chem test – a warrant was written for his blood – warrant was signed and blood was drawn at CDC – male was booked without further incident


September 25, 2023


RIM (Attempt Burglary) Bear Springs Rd – Occurred sometime in the last week – unknown subject(s) attempted to break into RP’s home – states no entry was made – there is a crack in the door frame and door handle was moved – negative surveillance footage – RP will be waiting in the lobby – information provided


CRL (Felony Spouse Abuse) Lake Dr – RP states that someone is inside of her shop – she received information from her neighbors – shop is just a building – it doesn’t have a name – RP disconnected when intake was asking questions – attempting call back – goes to voicemail – RP calling back – husband kicked her door in to her shop – says her husband has mental issues, but he is not threatening to hurt her – no weapons – not on drugs – has not been drinking – passerby RP saw a white male adult with a tattoo on face and arms hit white female adult with a glass bottle in the head – victim with RP – states suspect is her husband – in McDonalds parking lot – victim not bleeding from the head – medical advised – will be en route – the suspect and victim have been married for one year – live together – at approximately 1:00 p.m., victim saw husband in front of her tattoo shop – victim told husband he was not allowed there – husband threw a bottle at the victim – a witness saw subject throw bottle which hit the victim on the back of the head


VOE (Petty Theft) Oak Ln – RP in Twin Peaks Station lobby – two porch pirates caught on camera – RP yelled to them that they’re her neighbor’s  and to put it back now – RP posted it to Facebook – has both of their names – one RP already knew because of her dogs got out and she picked them up at RP’s house – RP has videos and pictures on phone – deputy contacted victim via phone – victim desired a report be made


LAA (Fraud Use Credit Card) San Benito Ln – RP is in Twin Peaks Station lobby – fraudulent items on credit report – in April 2018, there was a $822.00 charge believed to be a credit card – in August 2017, there was a $9,453.00 charge believed to be a lease – most recent unauthorized usage is in June 2020


LAA (Driving W/O License) Hwy 189/Grandview Rd – Limited report – arrest made



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